About PolicyStreet

PolicyStreet is the brand name of Polisea Sdn. Bhd. Polisea Sdn. Bhd. is an approved Financial Adviser and Islamic Financial Adviser under Section 11 and 15(1) of the Financial Services Act 2013 by Bank Negara Malaysia. Born out of a need for change in the traditional century-old insurance industry, PolicyStreet aims to democratize insurance by making it Simple, Easy and Affordable.

We are a bunch of energetic people working together with the same vision of re-invigorating and re-inventing insurance in the South East Asia region. We work hard in breaking down complex insurance policies and provide consumers their rights to be adequately insured with deserving financial wellness at all stages of life.

From only 1 insurer 3 years ago, we grew to work hand in hand with over 40 insurers and takaful providers in offering unbiased advice and finding the best in-value insurance solution for you! We have touched the lives of more than 250k people and have empowered them with more than 50k policies.

Despite our busy schedule, we have team activities, learning, knowledge sharing and even wall sit challenges! PolicyStreet strongly believes in empowering our team members, we incentivise great performances and guess what, our outstanding employees or family members as we call them also own shares in the company!

Our Vision

To be the leading digital insurer in the region.

Our Mission

  • To make insurance Simple, Easy and Affordable

  • To get the uninsured insured and to get the insured adequately insured

  • To develop and active ecosystem across various industries leveraging on B2B2C insurance play

  • To secure financial wellness across life stage

Our Values

  • Openess

  • Perseverance

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • Embrace Change

  • Positive Impact