So you’re confident with your driving skills. You’re pretty sure you can stay safe on the road every time you drive. You think to yourself “I’m a pretty good driver, I don’t need to get car insurance. i’ll save my money for something else instead”. While that’s a valid train of thought, you should think about the repercussions of not owning one. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance.

You’re breaking the law

If you’re driving in Malaysia, your vehicle will need a road tax to be displayed at all times, as required by JPJ. No big deal, right? Here’s the thing though. JPJ also requires you to have at least third party car insurance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to renew your road tax when it expires. Since you’re required to display your road tax at all times, I think you can figure out the rest.

Fine, but not that kind of “fine”

As mentioned previously, you’ll need to have an active road tax to drive in Malaysia. Failure to do so will result in hefty fines being imposed on you. How much, you may ask? Up to RM3,000 worth of fines according to Section 14 of Road Transport Act (RTA) 1987, so you better make sure your road tax is always active to avoid getting hit by unnecessary fines. That said, renewing your road tax requires you to have car insurance, as mandated by JPJ. No car insurance means no renewed road tax, and an expired road tax means RM3000 worth of fines. So renew your car insurance today and get the cheapest deals here!

Accidents WILL happen (Hopefully not, but there’s still that possibility)

No matter how good a driver you are, you can’t say the same thing about other drivers on the road. Sure, you can be the most careful driver on the planet, but an encounter with a reckless driver can throw all that caution out of the window. Sure, it’s probably not your fault that the accident happened, but you’ll still need to repair your vehicle after the fact. And since you’re not insured, vehicle repairs can be very, very costly.

Repair costs (or how to empty your bank account in 1 easy step)

So you got into an accident, and your car looks like it’s in a pretty bad shape. The front is totalled, and the back is barely hanging on. Thankfully, you survived the encounter that resulted in the wreck of a car laying in front of you. Problem now is, you’re left with a wreck and in need of repairs. Judging from the damage incurred, it’s going to cost a pretty penny just to get everything back into shape. You might not even have enough funds to cover all the repairs, so either you try to drive your wreck around and pray that it doesn’t combust halfway through (even if it’s possible, please don’t, it’s less about the curious onlookers seeing a total wreck going around on the road, but more about the potential safety hazard your wreck could cause), or just try and get a new car, which is another expense on it’s own. If you had car insurance though, you wouldn’t need to worry about those pesky repair costs.

Unnecessary costs due to loss of NCD

If you’ve ever listened to any conversation regarding car insurance, then I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the term NCD in passing. If you’re not sure what it means, NCD means No Claims Discount, which refers to the discounted amount that you pay for insurance premium if you’ve never done a claim on your insurer for more than a year. If you renew your car before expiry, the NCD carries on and a driver is able to enjoy up to 55% discount. However, for lapsed insurance or expired insurance beyond a certain amount of period, the driver loses the NCD completely and you will be asked to pay higher premiums. That’s extra money that you didn’t need to fork out due to lack of insurance.

But I don’t even drive my car, it’s just going to be a waste of money

As of this writing, Malaysia is currently under the Movement Control Order (MCO), which means almost everyone is stuck at home and doing their jobs remotely. We get it though, with these trying times, we need to have all the savings we can get since things are so unpredictable right now. Why bother with car insurance if you’re not driving anyway right? Well, outside of the reasons outlined earlier that is. That said, car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Currently, PrOmilej is a great option as far as car insurance goes. Depending on your car, how often, and how far you think you will be driving, you can have great coverage for fairly reasonable prices, which is especially important during the MCO period. You can even get much lower prices if you get it from PolicyStreet. Get PrOmilej now with us and drive around worry free AND the knowledge that you got a pretty good deal for car insurance!

I have insurance, but I forgot to renew it

First of all, good on you for getting car insurance. At least you’re protected on the road, or were, in this case. Unfortunately, an expired insurance is more or less the same as not having insurance at all, so you’re going to have to pay for your own repairs AND deal with the law if your road tax happens to expire too. In this scenario, it’s best to try and contact your insurer to see if they have any renewal methods that you can take. Either that, or you can visit the PolicyStreet website and renew your insurance online. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, hassle free.

I don’t even have a car. This article doesn’t apply to me

I mean, if you’re using a motorcycle, the same rules will still apply to you regardless of vehicle. Sure the damages incurred wouldn’t be as much or as devastating compared to a wrecked car, and the fines aren’t as bad as what you would get with a car, but that’s still money you could have saved for future occasions, so insurance is still a must have, even for a motorcycle (let’s not forget about the whole “no insurance, no road tax” bit shall we?”). That said, we at PolicyStreet do give the best prices for motorcycle insurance too, just saying!

What to take away from all of this

regardless of vehicle, but the most important bit is that you pretty much can’t be on the road without a road tax, and you need insurance for that, so make sure you’re always insured before heading out. Save money while you’re at it by checking out our website for the best deals on insurance, not just vehicular ones.

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