Find The Best Booster Seat In Malaysia

Starting from January 2020, JPJ has imposed a mandatory to use child car seats when driving; those who fail to provide the car seat for children will be issued warnings and reminders to install them.

Based on a study made by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) it was revealed that only 30% of car drivers with kids use them, hence why it has become compulsory to impose this rule.

Aside from that, the reason is also due to the safety of both kids and the parents when driving. If you don’t have a child booster seat in your car, you will have to hold your kid on your lap. Your arm won’t be enough to protect your child from an impact, and then you will also be putting them at risk by getting them injured when the airbag is released. This could cause a broken neck or other severe injuries.

The Malaysian government also said in order to encourage parents to use the child booster car seat, they will reduce the excise fee from 10% to 5% as well as remove import duty, specifically the child seat. So this is good news to all parents, who are worried about the child booster seat’s price!

Does your child’s car booster seat meet Malaysia safety standards?

Before buying your child’s car booster seat it is important to check whether it has met the safety standard set by the Malaysian authorities. We could not stress enough that, although it’s good if the child car seat is cheap, it is important to check if the product is of good quality as well. Here’s what you need to inspect before buying the child car seat:

  1. Ensure that the child booster seat safety standards are approved by MIROS. You can check the approved list of the child car seat models, brands, and serial numbers here.
  2. On top of that, on the seat itself, they should provide a MIROS QR code, where you can scan them that lead you to a page that shows how to use the seat properly and safely.
  3. Ensure that the child booster set hasn’t passed the expiration date. You can locate the serial number sticker when you flip the car seats over or the sides, and even at the back. It will include the manufacture and expiration date.

Types of Car Booster Seat In Malaysia

There are many types of child booster seats you can choose from depending on your kid’s age, height, and weight. You can see from the table below:

Types of Child Car Seat Available In Malaysia

Type of Child Car Seat Weight Height Age
Rear-facing infant car seat 9- 13kg Less than 83cm 0- 18 months
Forward-facing infant car seat 9- 18kg Less than 71cm 15 months – 4 years
Child car seat with five-point harness 15- 25 kg Less than 100cm 4- 7 years
Booster seat with regular seatbelt 25- 36kg More than 135cm 6- 12 years

Based on the table above, the child’s age is not necessarily important. What parents should take note of is the child’s weight before buying the child booster seat.

How to put on a Your Child Booster Seat In The Car?

Here’s a simple step by step you need to ensure when installing your child’s booster seat:

  1. Install the booster seat in the back seat of your car. Children under the age of 13 should ride in the back, instead of in the front seat of the car.
  2. When installing, based on the type of child car seat, ensure that they are facing the correct direction. However, according to research, it’s safer to position your child’s car seat in a rear-facing seat than forward-facing.
  3. Ensure that the child booster seat is properly reclined at the correct angle based on the manufacturer’s instruction. Depending on the child’s car seat, some have an adjustable recline feature.
  4. Install the child car seat using the seat belt or the ISOFIX anchorage point. You can check the car seat manual to see if you have installed it correctly.
  5. Ensure that it is installed tightly. The child car seat shouldn’t move more than 1 inch at the belt path.
  6. Lastly, if you are still unsure, the child booster seat has a MIROS QR code, that will lead you to a website to properly install the booster seat correctly.

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