Everything You Should Know About Pet Insurance

Key Points

  1. What is pet insurance?
  2. What does this insurance cover?
  3. What types of animals can be insured?
  4. How much should you pay each month for pet insurance?
  5. Which platforms offer pet insurance?

Insurance protects the human being from any circumstance, but what about your little furry friend? Did you know that some insurance companies out of Malaysia offer pet coverage? This insurance is not as popular or well-known as other types of insurance, such as medical or health insurance. But if you have a cat or a dog and love them deeply, getting yourself insured with an insurer will be necessary.

Pet owners know that their furry friends are worth every penny. That’s why we’re telling you, pet insurance is an excellent choice for those who own pets because it covers everything from veterinary bills to boarding fees if needed! With this coverage, you don’t have to worry about anything and can focus on what matters.

Hence, since we all know how much we love our pets, they must be taken care of. If you have a pet, this article will help you understand what kind of insurance is best for them, so make sure to keep reading!

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a policy purchased by the pet owner. It is made especially for your pet to cover the cost of expensive veterinary bills.

Pets are lovely, adorable creatures that bring their owners’ lives joyfully. As we know, pets need care and attention just as much or even more than people do! This is why pet insurance was introduced: you can financially prepare for unexpected emergencies happening with your furry friend at the vet or anywhere else. Pet owners like you can consider registering for a reliable pet insurance plan.

The costs that need to be borne when you have a pet are not as easy as you might think. Still, with this insurance, your furry friend will get the protection they deserve. You don’t have to wait any longer to find money in an emergency.

What does it cover?

  1. With this plan, your pet will be covered for any emergency that may come your way. All vet bills are taken care of, whether an unexpected illness or accident.
  2. With pet insurance guarantees that your furry friend will be taken care of in case anything happens. For instance, if they break something and cause damage or injuries to others (or their pets), this insurance covers them!
  3. Next, this pet insurance will cover the cost of advertising and reward. In this case, if your furry friend goes missing, but you print out fliers to distribute around town, it’s all covered by this policy!
  4. We know how difficult it is to lose a pet, which is why this policy will cover the cost of burial or cremation.
  5. Finally, if you are worried about your pet’s well-being while you are hospitalized, don’t worry because this insurance will cover the boarding fee for your pet!

What kind of pet can you buy insurance for?

Based on our reading, there are not many options when it comes to pet insurance in Malaysia. Most insurance companies only provide coverage/ protection for cats and dogs. Thus, if you have a different type of pet, it may be difficult for you to apply for this insurance.

How much do you need to pay every month?

The premium you need to pay for your pet’s insurance varies, depending on which type of plan you would like to choose. Each company will have different pricing based on the characteristics they offer. If it’s a cat or a dog, we’ll break them down according to Oyen Health Pet Insurance and MSIG Pet Insurance!

Oyen Health Pet Insurance

Type of Pet Plan Monthly Premium Annual Premium
Cats and Kittens Cat Basic RM32 RM299
Cat Plus RM41 RM399
Cat Champion RM51 RM499
Dogs and Puppies Dog Basic RM51 RM499
Dog Plus RM66 RM649
Dog Champion RM80 RM799

What is covered:

  • Vet medical limit (annual) (90% reimbursement rate)
  • Post-surgical treatment
  • Surgical fees
  • Consultation fees
  • Diagnosis/ blood test
  • X-ray/ ultrasound
  • Prescribed medication
  • Clinic overnight stay
  • Burial cost
  • Third-party injury damage

Note: The price varies depending on the type of insurance plan you choose and how much it covers.

*Subject to policy terms and conditions

MSIG Pet Insurance

Type of Pet Plan Annual Premium
Cats Plan 1 RM379.48
Plan 2 RM487.60
Plan 3 RM570.28
Dogs Plan 1 RM654.02
Plan 2 RM848.00
Plan 3 RM987.92

What is covered:

  • Veterinary fees and surgical fees
  • Death from injury or illness
  • Burial or cremation costs
  • Advertising & reward costs for recovery of missing pet
  • Boarding kennel & cattery fees for pet
  • Third-party liability

Note: The price varies depending on the type of insurance plan you choose and how much it covers.

*Subject to policy terms and conditions

Which platform offers pet insurance?

If you have a pet and are looking for insurance to protect them, there is more than one company to choose from. So far, only two companies offer this pet insurance in Malaysia: Oyen and MSIG Malaysia. You can access their website for further information.


There’s no need to worry about the cost of veterinary care when your pet needs it. With this pet insurance, you’ll be able to help pay for any expensive treatments or operations without worrying about how much things might weigh on your pocket! What could be more important than protecting those that are precious to you? Your pet has become part of the family, so it’s only fitting that they receive care from an expert. Buying pet insurance is worth every penny, trust me. Before you do anything, research, compare each pet insurance policy, and choose the best option that fits your budget. Besides getting pet insurance, you can also renew your car insurance with us at PolicyStreet.

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