Is It OKAY to Leave Your Dog in The Car?

Key Points

  1. There are many factors that need to be considered before deciding whether or not your dog should stay in the car while you stop.
  2. It’s important to take into consideration the temperature before leaving your pup alone in a car.
  3. It’s recommended to leave your dog home when you’re going out and hardly put effort on taking care of them.

As a pet parent, you might love to take your dog with you wherever you go. Thankfully more stores and outdoor restaurants allow dogs in their places these days! However, not all areas prohibit animals. Therefore, sometimes we have no choice but to leave our beloved ‘friend’ in the car.

There are many factors that need to be considered before deciding whether or not your dog should stay in the car while you stop. The first is how long they’ll have for their safety and comfort. Is it too hot for them? Is my dog safe and sound in the car? This is a question every pet parent has to ask themselves at one time or another.

When you leave your pup in the car, it’s important to take into account both hot and cold weather. It may seem like an oversight but there are many factors that can lead to serious health problems for dogs exposed to too much of either extreme temperature while they’re unattended!

Here are some things to consider before leaving your dog in the car.

Is It Ever Okay to Leave Your Dog in the Car?

It’s important to take into consideration the temperature before leaving your pup alone in a car. Even if you leave an open window for airflow, it could quickly become too hot or cold in just an eye blinking moment, which leads to safety risks!

According to a study in the journal Pediatrics, your car can heat up to 89°F in 10 minutes and 104°F in 30 minutes, if the outer temperature reaches 70°F. The inside of a hot car can be like an oven, with no air circulation and only stale warmness to breathe.

Your dog will become increasingly uncomfortable as he tries harder and harder for relief from the heat. It’s only a matter of time before they collapse from exhaustion or dehydration! We will talk more about the risks of leaving your dogs in the car in the next part.

Risk Of Leaving Your Dogs In Car

The best way to be on the safe side is never leave your dog (or any animal) unattended in a car. This way, you will protect them from the following risks:


The effects of heatstroke are disastrous. It can lead to tissue damage and organ failure, which could be irreversible for some animals! Heatstroke is a terrible condition that causes severe suffering to your beloved dogs and they will die quickly if without urgent veterinary treatment.


The dangers of dehydration are more than just a minor inconvenience for your pet. When they cannot replace lost body fluids, it can lead to all sorts or health problems, such as heatstroke. Think about it, even yourself cannot handle being dehydrated, how could it be possible to let your beloved pets suffer from it?

Brain Damage

When a dog experiences heatstroke, their brain can be seriously damaged. This is one of the most tragic outcomes for these animals who have managed to survive from an intense treatment of heatstroke.

What If I Have No Choice But Leave My Dogs In The Car?

It can be a tough decision to make when you have your dog with you and must leave them unattended. Here are some tips that will help keep you in mind while leaving them alone in your car:

  • If the temperature is too cold or too hot, DO NOT leave them in the car
  • Your pup’s age and their health can make them more susceptible to extreme temperatures
  • Park in a shady spots
  • To reduce the temperature in your car, make sure to block any sun that comes into the car with window shades
  • Leave a bowl of water for your dog so he can stay cool for a short amount of time
  • If you are unable to stay close by, return to the animal in 10 minutes or less and keep an eye on them from a distance
  • Send them to a nearby pet shop if necessary
  • Leave the car’s air conditioner on

When you leave your dog in the car, it’s important to be careful and smart. You should never leave them unattended, but following the steps above, it would help to ease your mind.

What To Do If You See a Dog Left Unattended?

You might be able to save the dog’s life if you notice it left in a car under dangerous conditions and take action. Here’s what I do when I find dogs left in a car:

  1. Peek in to check on the condition of the dog
  2. Call animal control if the dog seem okay
  3. Call 999 if you feel that the dog is in imminent danger
  4. Break into cars if a pet’s life is at risk (ONLY when in *extreme circumstances)
  5. Find it’s owner and notice him / her


It’s a good idea to leave your dog home when you’re going somewhere that he doesn’t belong. As much fun as it can be, his safety comes first and while leaving him in the car might be OK under certain conditions generally speaking it’s best not to make this mistake of forgetting about our furry friends!

It is imperative that you do not leave your dog in the car on any occasion, even when it’s mild. The temperature inside a vehicle can quickly rise to life-threatening levels for animals and there really isn’t anything safe about leaving them unattended while we’re gone!

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