4 Most Expensive Private Hospitals in Klang Valley

Being sick leaves us in a fit of pique. Why? Because everything is just irritating. The room is too cold, the bed is too hard, the throat is too dry, the body is too weak, and the appetite is too gone. All we want is to be nursed back to health in the most comfortable way ever! Ever wonder how good it would be to get treatment in a hospital that is like a hotel– spacious room, fluffy duvet, tasty food, and 5-star service? Say no more! We are listing the 4 most expensive, most luxurious private hospitals in Klang Valley for you!

1. Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Hospital is regarded as one of the best private hospitals in Malaysia and it is located in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. As the service provided is first-class, it is understandable why this hospital is the most preferred among locals and foreigners to seek medical assistance.

They pride themselves on their labor and delivery suites and services. No justification is needed for that as they guide every parent from the beginning. They provide classes on baby bathing, crafting, and breastfeeding for every to-be-parents that come for their service. So, if you plan on getting pregnant, you should put Gleneagles Hospital as your number 1 choice. They also have the nation’s top Obstetrics and Gynecology specialists and experienced midwives to ease your journey.

Room rates in Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

The room rates are considered to be the most expensive among other private hospitals in Klang Valley, but with the hotel-grade rooms, fine dining menu, and butler services, it is worth it! Let’s check out the rate shown below:

Room type Rate per night (RM)
Presidential Suite 3,800
Hibiscus / Orchid / Tulip Suites 2,388
Suite 800 (Junior) | 980 (Deluxe) | 1,600 (Executive)
Single Room 250 (Standard) | 380 (Executive)
2-bedded Room 160
4-bedded Room 100
Day Care 95
ICU & CCU 480
ICU Suite 680
HDU 315
NHDU 315
Delivery Suite 393
NICU 450
Nursery 60
Intermittent Care / Isolation 150

Amenities in Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

With that price tag, there is no doubt that they will provide you with first-class amenities. Do you know that they provide a 29” TV with Astro in the patient rooms and 6 complimentary meals? You will never get bored or hungry while being warded. If you decide to check in to the suites, a fridge, a microwave, and a CD/DVD player will also be provided to ensure that homely feeling. Oh wait, you are one of those boujee people that is used to that boujee lifestyle? No worries, just get that Executive or Presidential Suite! Both of these rooms have a desktop computer with internet access, a kitchenette, and a separate dining area. What’s more? PlayStation is available in the Presidential Suite! This just proves that nothing feels like home more than these amenities provided by Gleneagles Hospital.

2. Prince Court Medical Centre

Located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, Prince Court Medical Centre is the preferred hospital for many VIPs and celebrities. They offer discrete health screening, personalized treatment plans, and a business lounge for international patients, so it is no surprise that it is a go-to hospital for a lot of prominent figures.

Room rates in Prince Court Medical Centre

If you wish to have a view of the Twin Tower or Royal Selangor Golf Club while recuperating your body and your soul, Prince Court Medical Centre is for you! How much do you have to pay to get that kind of view? See below:

Room type Rate per night (RM)
VVIP Suite 2,888
Suite 1,288
Junior Suite (only available in the maternity ward) 600
Standard Room 280

Amenities in Prince Court Medical Centre

Prince Court does not believe that their patients should ever settle for less! Every room is equipped with a private bedroom and there is no sharing room here! If you are someone who values privacy (or just simply does not like sharing), this is perfect for you. The only thing that makes Prince Court more unique is the existence of healing art in every room. Interesting, right? What’s more? There is a sofa in every room, the Standard room included. For people who will only settle for finer things in life, Suite and VVIP Suite, with their own private living room, are for you. If you prefer to have your own workspace, butler, dining room, and 4 private bathrooms, the VVIP Suite is better for you.

3. ParkCity Medical Centre

A part of Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare, ParkCity Medical Centre (PMC) is an award-winning, world-class private hospital with state-of-the-art operation theaters. If you are looking for the best pediatrician for your little ones, you do not have to look further! PMC has a great Child Development Centre, coupled with the best pediatricians in the region! This hospital is also located in Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur, so KL folks need not worry about driving far!

Room rates in ParkCity Medical Centre

PMC boasts a modern and futuristic design for their room and we are loving it! The rooms of PMC are the literal definition of ‘more of a hotel than a hospital’. The price for the VVIP and VIP suites still makes sense as it is less than RM2000/ night, so it suits people who are used to a luxurious lifestyle but do not wanna spend a lot on a hospital room. Here are the room rates for your consideration:

Room type Rate per night (RM)
VVIP Suite 1,688
VIP Suite 1,388
Single Room 260 (Standard) | 380 (Executive)
2-bedded Room 180
4-bedded Room 120

Amenities in ParkCity Medical Centre

Amenities in PMC are top-notch! PMC prioritizes comfort and privacy for all of its patients, ensuring a comfortable stay. Every room comes with an individual TV (including the 4-bedded rooms), so being bored is not a choice when staying here! In the more premium rooms like VVIP and VIP suite, you can find a private bedroom, private lounge, and living room as well as a guest room (VVIP Suite only). Since it is located in Desa ParkCity, it is near The Waterfront, where all the IG-worthy cafes are operating, so you do not have to worry about getting food while visiting!

4. Sunway Medical Centre

The Sunway Group is not a stranger to Malaysians. From the famous shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid to an A-class education institution, Sunway University, Sunway has it all! Sunway Medical Centre (SMC) is located in Sunway City, Subang Jaya, Selangor, so all you hip Subang (or Shah Alam) residents can check this hospital out the next time you get sick. They are one of the leading private medical centers that commit to providing the highest medical care to their patients!

Room rates in Sunway Medical Centre

Do not let the rate fool you! It might be on the affordable side with the Premier Suite being only RM1,288/ night, but the room is just as comfortable and luxurious as the other 3 hospitals on this list. SMC lets you choose your preferred room during the admission process, but it is still subject to availability. So, before you choose your room, let’s see which one suits your budget!

Room type Rate per night (RM)
Premier Suite 1,288
Deluxe Suite 700
Single Room 268 – 350
2-bedded Room 150
4-bedded Room 95
Day Care 85
HDU 380 – 580
NHDU 330
CHDU (4-bedded) 330
Delivery Suite 330 (per usage)
NICU 450
Nursery 75
Paeds Observation Bed (4-bedded) 330
Deluxe Therapeutic 388

Amenities in Sunway Medical Centre

Every in-patient will be provided with complimentary meals to make sure your stay is comfortable! Every room is also equipped with a TV and if you have any requests, their staff is ready to serve you! Making your stay a pleasant one is their goal. SMC is also near Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Geo Avenue, so you need not worry about your cravings or leaving your necessities at home. Too lazy to drive to the malls? Subway, Starbucks, and FamilyMart are just downstairs!

How to Spend Less for Private Hospital Stay

Seeing this list makes you wish to get treated at one of these hospitals if you ever fall sick, but the thought of having to spend a lot of money for a luxurious hospital room with 5-star service does hurt your wallet. But do not worry! If you wish to go to one of these hospitals and do not want to feel a pinch, there is a way to do that: GET medical insurance! Aside from saving your money when you get admitted to a private hospital, there are other reasons as to why you should get medical insurance. We are listing it for you so that you could consider getting it.

Reasons to Get Medical Insurance

1. Minimizes medical bills

With the ever-increasing number of people with lifestyle diseases and having to deal with medical inflation, it makes sense for everyone to be medically insured. Medical bills can get really expensive, especially the unexpected ones! If you are not covered by insurance, you would probably have to fork out from your own savings should you get sick and it will ruin your future plans. If you plan to be admitted to a private hospital, the bill is really high. Shared room costs at least RM100/ night and that is excluding medication, treatments, and other added costs.

2. Protects your family

medical insurance will also cover your family members if they wish to get medical treatment. You can get your spouse, children, and even your parents under the same policy! This is crucial because we cannot predict what will happen in the future and purchasing insurance for your family members will help you stop worrying about their medical bills. Plus, it means that you do not have to harm your savings!

3. Prevents lifestyle diseases

Alas, the prevalent diseases among the elderly such as stroke, diabetes, hypertension, etc. are now common among younger generations. This is because of our lifestyle where overloaded cheese in food and drinking boba tea on a daily basis is normalized. Other than that, stress, pollution, and looking at our gadgets the whole day also play a role to the detriment of our physical and mental health. By getting medical insurance, you can prevent these diseases by doing an annual medical check-up that is covered by your insurer. Furthermore, if you get tested regularly, you might catch any illnesses sooner and early treatments usually cost less, so you have nothing to worry about later!

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