Here at PolicyStreet, we strongly believe in our products, prices and services as they contribute significantly to our growth. We always value and are dedicated to offer the lowest price to our customers.

Price Match Guarantee  means you will not find a lower price with the same coverage anywhere else, and if you do we will match it for you! PolicyStreet will match all advertised prices from competitors and/or direct insurers websites (with the exception of Allianz), provided that the insured information and coverage level are identical.  All products, inclusive of car, life, motorcycle, travel, commercial insurance and employee benefits offered by PolicyStreet can enjoy this Price Match Guarantee.

How does Price Match Guarantee work?

Step 1 : Purchase any policy from us.

Step 2 : Do comparison based on competitor’s advertised prices or insurer’s quotes.


Step 3 : Submit the proof within 7 days after making a purchase. Screenshot the original and complete competitor’s advertisement or website showing the advertised prices and/or insurer’s quote to


Step 4 : PolicyStreet will verify and if you are eligible, we will refund the price difference to you within 7 working days.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

#1 Must I purchase first in order to be eligible for this guarantee or can I apply for this guarantee before purchasing it?

You would only be eligible for this guarantee once you have purchased insurance from PolicyStreet.

#2 How long do I have to wait for the refund?

It will take approximately 7 working days for us to complete the refund process. It would also depend on your bank or payment provider for it to reflect in your statement, some banks are faster than others. Please drop us an email if it takes longer than 7 days.

#3 What if I cancel my policy 7 days after purchasing it, am I still eligible to apply for the Price Match Guarantee?

No. Please bear in mind that you are only eligible to apply for this guarantee within 7 days after the purchase of the policy while the policy is still in force. If you insist on cancelling your policy after the timeline given and have applied for the Price Match Guarantee, then you would not be entitled for the refund.

#4 Am I allowed to use any promotions/discounts/vouchers/etc when comparing the price between Insurer X vs PolicyStreet?

No, prices should be compared before any discounts are applied. Kindly, take note that this guarantee is only applicable for non-discounted and non-promotional policies.


#5 If I have decided to apply for Price Match Guarantee, which insurance company am I allowed to compare?

You are allowed to do the comparison from any genuine insurance company that you prefer as long as the policy is from the same insurer on both platforms.

#6 What is excluded from Price Match Guarantee?

As of now, nothing is excluded from this policy. All types of insurances available on are eligible for this  guarantee.


#7 What is the duration of this Price Match Guarantee?

This guarantee is currently an ongoing initiative in PolicyStreet, until unless it has been decided to stop.


#8 Will service fee or GST/SST be included when applying for Price Match Guarantee?

Yes, it will be based on the total price including service fee and GST/SST.


#9 Am I allowed to do comparison with any offline insurer or any agent?

Yes, you are allowed to do comparison with any offline insurer or any agent. It is acceptable as long as you receive an official quote from the offline insurer or the agent.


#10 When will the Price Match Guarantee be effective?

It would be effective from 30th September 2020 onwards.


In brief, we want to make sure you are happy and satisfied with what you have purchased for your coverage. We strongly believe in quality and long lasting relationships, even though we are aware that earning money is just as important!

We give you the right to choose which policy you prefer and which is the best for you. As always, our customers’ satisfaction is significant to us.

Your happiness is what matters!

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