5 Important Reasons You Need Life Insurance

5 Important Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Misfortunes happen to everyone at least once sometime in one’s lifetime, and for the most part, most of us are not prepared for it. Worse still, if this misfortune has a significant impact on your life, it will have a devastating effect on your future and your family. For instance, if your family depends on your income and you are made to know recently that you have a terminal illness, how would your family be supported once the inevitable happens? Thus, there is a need to plan your finances for the future if these so-called misfortunes happen, whereby the significance of getting life insurance is centered today. Hence , the topic “reasons you need life insurance” comes into play.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance
The irony is that most of us are aware of the importance of life insurance, but procrastinate until there is a significant life event that persuades us to buy it, and usually, by then it would already be too late. One common offense made by us is we take life too lightly and for granted, when we should be planning ahead to ensure that our dependents are financially covered should the unforeseen circumstances happen. Taking up a life insurance policy is a sure-fire solution in the long term to provide financial stability for your dependents, and also as a measure of security and assurance that all goes well in the future. Let us look at 5 important reasons you need life insurance.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance #1: You Are The Sole / Main Breadwinner Of The Family

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If you are the main or only source of income to your family or if you are the main breadwinner in your household, having life insurance becomes a necessity and is very important to ensure your family’s future. By having a life insurance policy, should something fatal happens to you, you can be rest assured that your family or dependents have an alternative source of income to support them and pay for everyday expenses. A term life insurance can protect your working years and your dependents will certainly benefit from the added protection offered by said insurance.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance #2 : Business Owners

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Business owners are usually saddled with numerous expenses such as business debts, expenditures, overheads and many more, and if for some unfortunate reason this particular business owner passes away, it would be hard set to cover or pay for these existing debts and liabilities. If the business owner is covered with life insurance, should anything bad or unforeseeable event happens to him/her, whoever that is left to take charge of the business (be it a family member or a business partner) can benefit from the life insurance to pay for any business debts, liabilities, overheads, costs incurred and so on. As a business owner, you would have alleviated the pressure and burden of whoever in charge of taking over your business when you are no longer around.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance #3 : Parents Of Special Needs Children

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Parents who have children with special needs are truly to be respected, and they have an enormous responsibility in their hands to juggle their daily life whilst at the same time taking care of their children. As we all know, having kids with special needs demands extra attention and effort, whether physically, emotionally and of course financially. So it is quite apt and self-explanatory that providing life insurance to caregivers of special needs children is important, as this will ensure that the children will have financial support if a parent dies unexpectedly. This insurance will certainly help the children itself and also for future caretakers who will be responsible for the welfare of the children later on.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance #4 : Inheritance

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If you are a person who does not have a significant amount of wealth and are afraid that you have nothing to give to your next of kin when you die, a life insurance policy is one way to provide a small inheritance to your family or your heirs. If you can save up some ringgits on a monthly basis, you can invest on a life insurance policy and you can be assured that your dependents will have a small amount of fortune in the unlikely event of your demise. Having a future plan for your loved ones when you are gone allows you a peace of mind and a definite assurance that your family’s needs are taken care of.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance #5 : Homeowners With Mortgage

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Everyone knows that buying a house is a big liability when one is still serving their mortgage, and more so when the person who owns the house passes away before the mortgage can be completed. In most cases the house in question could be sold off or auctioned off if there are no contingency plans to maintain the house repayments. By having a life insurance policy, you can be rest assured that your life insurance policy will be able to meet your mortgage obligations, so your family or dependents would not be forced to move out or lose a home if you pass away. A term life insurance can be matched to the years of the mortgage and will ensure a degree of security that your property asset is secured.

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