Best Medical Insurance Plans in Malaysia for Millennials

Best Medical Insurance

As world today is getting more and more advanced, owning a life insurance is no longer a problem for almost everyone, as the premium for life insurance is more convenient than before and getting it is now easier than ever. However, there are still few complications that people face when they intend to buy a medical card. One of the reasons is medical card has a high amount of premium.

best medical insurance in malaysia

There are many medical cards offered by the insurers in the market but people seldom look twice before reject it because they could not afford to own one, especially lower class family and millennials. People are now aiming to own a very low premium- insurance since now life demands a lot of money.But you can now get a medical card with a low premium, with a great quality to be offered.

Medical Card Is One Of The Main Insurances

The medical card is one of the main insurances that most people sign up for as it covers a lot of medical situations. Especially in covering the total hospital cost that is surely very high, which one surgery and a treatment alone can reach around RM 60,000  –  RM 300,000 for critical illness.

Best Medical Insurance Plans Malaysia for Millennial

We would say this medical cost alone is roughly similar to yearly gross wages earned by a middle-class family and lower. The critical illness treatment is very expensive. But imagine if two members of a low-class family, in which both of them need to undergo a surgery for a critical illness that they both have, would the family be able to sleep at night?

It is very tiring to think all the possibilities that you or one of your family members might one day get one of these grave diseases. That is why we always here to remind you about these little things that people always fail to remember when they are too busy and forgetful. After we have looked through all the medical cards in the market, we believe that we have found the best medical card for people with tight budget and millennials.

Best Medical Insurance Suits Everyone

Today, we are going to share with you the best medical insurance that we think will suit everyone especially the millennials like you and us!

It is SmartMedi 2.0!

What is SmartMedi 2.0?

Best Medical Insurance Plans

A medical card by Standard FA’s first co-brand white label product with Pathlab Health Management Sdn Bhd and underwritten by Lonpac. It is now the most competitive medical card in the market. It is the most talk about a medical card for its affordable premium with extra and complimentary coverage!

This medical card is really suitable for those who do not want a long-term commitment especially when you are millennials and looking for a conventional medical card rate with great benefits to be offered.

SmartMedi 2.0 is the best medical card in Malaysia

Smartmedi 2.0 Is The Best Medical Card In Malaysia As It

  • Covers 3 Generations (3G)

The plan is extended to parents and parents in law. The plan covers 3 generations which are a good news in medical card market. Usually, medical insurance only covers 2 generations, but now everyone could get a chance to recover comfortably with SmartMedi 2.0 .

  • Unlimited Room And Board To A Specific Number Of Days A Year If You Are Required To Put Up In The Hospital.

This is the fun part when you are getting SmartMedi 2.0 . You have UNLIMITED days for both normal ward and ICU, which means you do not have to worry spending your money when going to a clinic if all you would be getting is ‘warded letter’ from the doctor. SmartMedi 2.0 makes it convenient for you. Now if you are being warded ‘unwillingly’, SmartMedi 2.0 will cover for your stay.

These days, private room and board in a private hospital in KL could set you back by RM350 per night, which will not be an issue since SmartMedi 2.0 packages have a minimum RM350 room and board.

  • No Lifetime And Annual Limit

This means no matter how much the bills for your stay in the hospital or the treatment costs you, as long as it follows the term, SmartMedi 2.0 will cover you unlimitedly. You only need to pay the premium to enjoy this privilege. It is a great offer for everyone since the medical techs and services are really expensive today. You will not need to think to fork out extra cash every year for exceeding the amount the insurance covers. Not anymore.

  • Has A Wide Range Of Private Panel Hospitals

More than 100 private hospitals have signed up with SmartMedi 2.0 as its panels. The more the hospitals on the list, the easier for you and your family to get covered. You can now travel every month to different cities in Malaysia without having trouble finding a panel hospital nearby that represents your medical insurance.

  • Annual COMPLIMENTARY  Health Screening Tests And Cancer Marker Tests

SmartMedi 2.0 gives you COMPLIMENTARY health screening test. The test includes 52 types of tests, altogether worth around RM 280. You could get yourself checked annually when you purchase one of the SmartMedi 2.0 packages. There are few packages it offers, so make sure you understand all the terms and conditions beforehand. The tests include diabetes, thyroid, liver and Hepatitis B tests. These are the common diseases in Malaysia, hence the complementary tests are worth it.

ADDITIONAL COMPLIMENTARY when purchasing this medical card is you get the privilege to do cancer marker test which worths about RM 370 for FREE. The cancer test includes prostate, colon, and breast which are the mainstream types of cancer of people today. This prevention concept is something you should look up to on every medical card.

  • RM500 Daily Cash For Hospitalization at Government or PRIVATE hospital.

Starting from the third day of your stay in the ward, you will get an allowance of RM 500 from SmartMedi 2.0. Usually, this only happens when you are staying at government due to the standard clause in any medical card offered. But with SmartMedi 2.0, you will get a daily allowance too.

Average Costs For The Major/ Critical Illness

Below are the average costs for the major/ critical illness. So millennials, ask yourself this. Would you or your family members be able to pay that much if one day you are exposed to one of those illnesses?

Average Costs For The Major


SmartMedi 2.0 is an affordable medical card with an impressively great quality and service offers. However, this medical card is a stand-alone medical card. For us in PolicyStreet, we really think that this medical card is the best for millennials and those who are tight on budget. You can visit us at for any inquiry regarding this medical card.

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