AXA Car Insurance

Together with 160,000 employees and 108 million customers in 57 countries serving them well. AXA is a worldwide leader when it comes to protecting customers’ assets. With this type of dedication, you can pursue life’s adventures knowing that they’ll be there for any trouble or worry along the way! With their expertise in three different business lines, they offer a range of products and services that are tailored to meet customer needs.


SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car

    • Comprehensive Cover

Existing AXA General customers will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase via Multi-Product Discount Campaign!

    • Fast claims approval

3 to 6 working days through AXA Preferred Workshop, 4-8 working days through AXA Panel Workshop.

    • 24/7 emergency road assistance

Call their 24/7 hotlines 1-800-88-1033 if you are involved in vehicle accidents or need breakdown assistance.

    • Repair warranty

At AXA Preferred Workshops, you’ll enjoy a 12-month warranty for repairs. And at the other Panel Repairers in your area who are not preferred by us? You can still get a 6-month warranty for repairs.

    • Risk-based pricing (detariffed rates)

If you have a safer risk profile, then it’s possible that your premium may go down even more.

    • Driver & Passengers Protection

This company will provide personal accident and medical reimbursement benefits for you, your passengers, as well an authorised driver in the event of a road accident from RM0.25 per day on up!

Premium / Add-on

    • Breakage of glass in windscreen, window or sunroof

This means that you will never have to worry about the cost of repairing your windscreen or any other glass related damages.

    • Passenger liability cover

This coverage provides protection for drivers, which can save them the hassle of dealing with these problems themselves if their negligence causes injury. It is a must to have this add-on in Singapore.

    • Special Perils

This coverage will help you avoid the losses of repairing your car if it gets damaged caused by natural disasters like floods, hurricanes or earthquakes.

    • Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion

It will cover your vehicle from strikes, riots and civil commotion.

    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

The policy provides for the compensation of your vehicle’s loss in value based on what you would normally pay. AXA will assess an estimated time before repair, and provide funds to help cover that cost if it happens.

    • NCD relief

If you have not made a claim against your insurance policy during the 12 months, you will receive a discount!

    • Waiver Of Betterment

Provide coverage of replacement identification documents, medical necessary expenses within 12 consecutive months and accidental death.

    • AXA FlexiDrive

AXA reward safe drivers with discounts on their insurance. It’s an optional add-on that you can get up to 20% off for good behavior, and redeem your earnings after 12 months of policy time!

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Why buy AXA Car Insurance?

    • Prioritise Customers’ Needs

AXA’s purpose is to protect what matters to customer, themselves and their love one. They provide various types of plan to ensure customer choose what they need.

    • Up To 20% Discount With Voluntary Excess

In the event of claims, choose your self-pay limit to get a discount.

    • Water Damage Cover For As Low As RM10 Per Year

Get reimbursed up to RM5,000 on towing and cleaning of your vehicle due to the event that it was damaged by flood.

    • PA Cover Up To Rm175k/car, For As Low As Rm15/year

Protect anyone in the car including you, your family and passengers.

    • E-Hailing Takaful Coverage For Existing Z-Driver Customers

Now, E-Hailing Endorsement is available for drivers who have the AXA comprehensive motor takaful certificate.

Why should you buy AXA car insurance through PolicyStreet?

    • Ease of use

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    • Price match guarantee

We’ve got the best prices in town and we won’t be beat.

    • Tech-Enabled Financial Advisor

PolicyStreet is a financial adviser approved by the Central Bank of Malaysia. We’re committed to providing only the highest quality service at an affordable price for over 100,000 satisfied customers.

AXA Car Insurance Claim Process

If you involved in an accident, remember to stay calm and follow this quick guide to claim your AXA car insurance:

  1. Call 1800-88-1033 for towing service to a panel repairer
  2. Take scene of accident photo
  3. Inform AXA as soon as possible
  4. Report all accidents to police within 24-hours
  5. Submit all listed required documents to panel repairer within two days as a result of the incident
  6. AXA will revert with claim decision within the following time frame
  7. Panel repairer will repair your car once your claim is approved
  8. Do not admit liability and negotiate nor offer compensation to any third party.
  9. Do not repair your vehicle in a non-authorised panel workshop.

AXA Car Insurance Claim Documents Needed

Do prepare necessary documents stated below:

  1. Claim Form
  2. Copy of Driver’s Driving License
  3. Copy of updated Vehicle Registration Card (both sides)
  4. Police Report
  5. Copy of cover note or policy

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AXA Car insurance FAQ

1. What is AXA car insurance?

With Affin SmartDrive, it guarantees protection from harm caused by third parties, such as loss sustained to your own vehicle because of fire, theft or road accident! Plus AXA offer 24-hour roadside assistance and various add-ons like windscreen cover.

2. How do I choose the right AXA car insurance plan for me?

Compare the benefits from both plans, and choose the most suitable plans for yourself. You can consult us and we will give you advice on how to choose the right plan for you!

3. What’s good about AXA car insurance?

You can refer to the “Why AXA Car insurance” section for more details!

4. How do I buy AXA car insurance online?

You can buy AXA Car insurance online through PolicyStreet! Follow these steps to buy it!

  1. Get Quotation
  2. Compare quotes and choose the best price
  3. Get covered
  4. Pay and get insured

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6. What is the contact number of AXA car insurance?

You can contact them through customer service number (+603) 2170 8282 OR via Email