Etiqa Car Insurance

Etiqa is a well-known insurance company in Malaysia, established in 1989. Traditionally, car insurance was a matter of principle for many Malaysian citizens. But with Etiqa there are other options you can take such as life assurance and wealth management services that will protect your family from financial risks when unfortunate incidents happen on roads in Malaysia.

This company caters to the needs of not only drivers but also their loved ones! Not only does it offer a wide variety of policies and services, but its customer service team goes above and beyond in order to make sure that their clients are taken care of too!


The classic car insurance plans offered by the company ensure that you are covered against any eventuality. Whether you are looking for a plan just to meet the legal requirements or one that will prove to be beneficial because of its comprehensive nature, Etiqa has a car insurance plan for you.

Motor Takaful

Get covered for any accident, theft or damage to your car with our Shariah-compliant plans. And if you need even more peace of mind we have add ons that will make life easier!

    • 10% instant rebate

Enjoy up to 10% rebate of your NCD when renewing online!

    • Agreed value

You will be reimbursed according to the agreed value, so don’t worry!

    • All authorised drivers covered

You don’t have to worry about finding or paying for a named driver. All your authorized drivers are covered automatically!

Motor Insurance

Get your mind at ease with an insurance plan that covers you in any situation. Drive peace-of-mind, drive insured!

    • 10% instant rebate

Don’t forget to get a 10% rebate of your NCD when renewing online!

    • Nil excess

No need to worry about claim excess when making a claim

    • 24-hour emergency road assistance

24/7 emergency service that offers prompt response and resolution to all claims related issues at your convenience!

Premium / Add-on

    • 30% cash refunds with the Drive Less Save More add-on

Received 30% cash refunds for driving less with Etiqa! Click here for more information.

*Apply to Motor Insurance plan ONLY.

    • Oto 360 Personal Accident Cover

Get coverage for medical expenses and death or disability from your passengers to make sure they are taken care of too! Learn more.

    • Windscreen coverage

Claim your windscreen cracks without reducing your NCD benefits

    • Cash relief on Child Car Seat

Get reimbursed up to RM500 for repairing or replacing your child car seat(s) which have been damaged due to an accident, flood, fire and theft.

    • Agreed Value

Reimbursed insured/covered amount that was agreed when sign-up.

    • Smart Key Replacement

Replace your lost, stolen, or damaged car smart key up to RM3,000.

    • Cash Assistance

Get cash in addition to your claims payout if you’re involved in an accident.

    • Compensation for Loss of Use (CLU) & Assessed Repair Time (CART)

You deserve compensation when your car is in the workshop for accident repairs. Learn more.

    • Damage caused by weathers and riots

Protect your car from the danger of nature and riots. Get coverage that will help get it back up and running!

    • Maintain like new

You can replace accident-damaged parts with new spare parts and get the whole car repainted without additional charges. Terms and conditions apply

Why buy Etiqa Car Insurance?

So, why do you need Etiqa car insurance? Well, a lot of people think they don’t. However, there are many benefits to getting Etiqa car insurance. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not because they have the cheapest premiums, but I’d say it’s worth checking out.

    • Multi-Award Winning Products and Services

Etiqa earned recognition for their excellence in providing insurance products and services. They’ve received numerous awards from various sources including iBanding who named them their Best Motor Takaful Provider 2019 as well as Best Family Takaful Provider 2019.

    • Efficient and Professional Claims

When you need the help of an insurance expert, Etiqa’s team is there for your every inquiry. They know that everyone’s situation varies and will do whatever it takes to make sure they get their claims settled quickly, so life goes back to normal in no time at all!

    • Local knowledge with International Experience

They’re the first local insurer to join Maybank Group. Thanks to their joint-venture with Ageas, they gain access and expertise in international markets too!

    • Provide instant rebate

Did you know that when you renew your car insurance with Etiqa, if you do it online, there’s a 10% discount on your No Claim Discount (NCD)? Where can you get this offer other than Etiqa?

    • Unique Add-on

The Drive Less Save More and Oto 360 Personal Accident Cover are both unique premium (add-on) provided by Etiqa. ‘Drive Less Save More’ plan helped customers to save up to 30% cash refunds for driving less, while Oto 360 Personal Accident Cover add-on covered for medical expenses and financial losses due to accidents for both driver and passengers.

    • 24/7 Customer service and Emergency Road Assistance

Every time you need to ask a question or have an issue with your car insurance, all you have to do is call Etiqa and they will help you right away! Also, if you need some towing service, Etiqa provides 200km free towing service too.

Why should you buy Etiqa car insurance through PolicyStreet?

Buying car insurance is never a fun process. It’s always confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! PolicyStreet can make this process simple with the Etiqa Car Insurance Policy through their online marketplace. While Etiqa is one of the most trusted auto insurers in Malaysia, they are also known for providing great coverage at an affordable price, which makes them perfect for PolicyStreet customers!

    • Ease of use

Our platform is easy to use and you can compare various choices of car insurance quotes within 1 minute and it’s FREE. It saves your time from all the hassle of moving from one website to another website.

    • Price match guarantee

We will match all advertised prices from competitors and help find you good deals with just one search away. This means you will not find a lower price with the same coverage anywhere else! If you do, just let us know and we’ll match it for ya!

    • Tech-Enabled Financial Advisor

PolicyStreet is a financial advisor approved by the Central Bank of Malaysia. Our company’s policies are always in line with government regulations, and we have more than 100,000 customers in Malaysia that trust and rely on us for their car insurance.

Etiqa Car Insurance Claim Process

If you involved in an accident, remember to stay calm and follow this quick guide to claim your Etiqa car insurance:

  1. Call for assistance or 24/7 hotline 1-800-88-6491
  2. Gather evidence
  3. Lodge a police report within 24-hours
  4. Notify your insurance company
  5. Send your car to a panel workshop

Etiqa Car Insurance Claim Documents Needed

Do prepare necessary documents stated below:

  1. Completed claim form
  2. Original copy of police report
  3. Copy of driver’s and policyholder’s identity card and driving license
  4. Copy of vehicle ownership certificate
  5. Photo of accident scene and damages to vehicle
  6. Police letter informing which party is compounded for road traffic offence

Etiqa Car Insurance FAQ

1. Who is Etiqa Insurance?

Established in 2005, Etiqa has a history that dates back to when Maybank Ageas (formerly known as Mayban Ageas), Malaysia’s largest insurer with its subsidiary Takaful Nasional Sdn Bhd, merged two years later.

In 2018, in support of Bank Negara Malaysia’s Financial Services Act 2013 Islamic Financial Services Act 2013, and to better serve our stakeholders, Etiqa has become four organizations: Etiqa General Insurance Berhad (EGIB), Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad (ELIB), Etiqa General Takaful Berhad (EGTB) and Etiqa Family Takaful Berhad (EFTB).

2. What is the difference between Motor Takaful and Motor Insurance?

What’s the difference between insurance and takaful? In Motor Insurance, risk is transferred from an individual or company to a third party.

However, in Motor Takaful of which would be shared by all participants – each person donates into his/her own private fund should he/she suffer loss after an accident; any amount reached up until that point will be reimbursed accordingly.

3. How do I choose the right Etiqa car insurance plan for me?

Compare the benefits from both Motor Takaful and Motor Insurance plan, and choose the most suitable plans for yourself. You can consult us and we will give you advice on how to choose the right plan for you!

4. What’s good about Etiqa car insurance?

You can refer to the “Why Etiqa Car insurance” section for more details!

5. How do I buy Etiqa car insurance online?

You can buy Etiqa Car insurance online through PolicyStreet! Follow these steps to buy it!

  1. Get Quotation
  2. Compare quotes and choose the best price
  3. Get covered
  4. Pay and get insured

Click here to get your free quotation!

6. What is the contact number of Etiqa car insurance?

You can contact them through 1-300-88-1007 or or +60327804677

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