Kurnia Car Insurance

Kurnia has a long history of success and is now one of the most popular motor insurers in Malaysia. They currently insure over four million people nationwide who have general auto cover through their services!


All Kurnia plans included basic coverage for fire and theft, third party liability and accident.

Private Car Comprehensive

    • 24/7 Towing Assistance

You won’t have to worry about getting your car back from the shop. They offer some of the most generous free towing benefits in their industry, so you can rest assured knowing that even an infinite distance is covered!

    • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Road emergencies can strike at any time and place. Kurnia Auto Assist is here to help you if this happens with our premium service anytime, anywhere in Malaysia!

    • Naming Additional Drivers

You’ll be able to put another driver’s name in the policy. It is free for the second name!

    • Warranty Period for Workmanship

We provide a 3-year warranty for repairs done at our car panel workshops. For comprehensive policyholders, this means you can rest assured knowing your repair is covered by us!

Auto365 Comprehensive Plus

    • Included All Drivers

No need to shell out extra cash for a named driver or pay an uncovered amount in excess.

    • Towing Assistance

Breakdown towing is an excellent service that takes over when your car breaks down. They can tow vehicles up 100 kilometers in West Malaysia, and 60 kilometers east of there too!

    • Flood Relief Allowance

If your vehicle is damaged due to flood, you will be compensated with a RM500 allowance.

    • Key Care Cover

We want to make sure you can get back on the road as soon as possible. We will cover up to RM500 for any car key(s) lost due theft, robbery or house break-in!

    • Window Snatch Theft

You will get RM500 compensation when you lose something in your car!

    • Ambulance Fees

If you need an ambulance, they will cover up to RM500 in reimbursement.

    • Warranty for workmanship repairs

3 years warranty to get your car fixed by their expert technicians in panel workshops.

Uto365 Comprehensive Premier

This plan not only covers all benefits in ‘Auto365 Comprehensive Plus’ and ‘Private Car Comprehensive’, also includes two more coverage that other plans do not cover.

    • Accidental Damage

Accidental Damages to your car including damages caused by falling trees are covered under this policy.

    • Attempted Theft

The policy will cover any necessary repairs to your car caused by attempted theft.

Premium / Add-on

    • The policy will cover any necessary repairs to your car caused by attempted theft.

Provide coverage if your windscreen is damaged, without affecting your NCD

    • Special Perils

Your coverage will cover expenses caused by natural disasters, including flood, typhoon and hurricane events as well as storm or landslides!

    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

The estimated time before repair will be assessed, and you’ll receive funds to help cover that cost if it happens

    • Private Hire Car Endorsement (e-Hailing)

Kurnia’s Private Hire Car (e-Hailing) Endorsement will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle and all those inside can be protected.

    • Legal Liability to Passengers

This policy includes coverage for passengers of an insured car to protect against death or permanent disablement caused by a road accident.

    • Legal Liability to Passengers

With this coverage, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dealing with these problems yourself if your negligence causes injury to passengers.

    • Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion

Get reimbursement when your car is damaged by strike, riot and civil commotion.

    • Waiver of Betterment

YThis coverage will provide you with the necessary medical expenses in case of an emergency. This includes replacement identification documents and accidental death benefits that last up to 12 months!

Why buy Kurnia Car Insurance?

    • Trusted since 1978

Kurnia is a company with the ambitious goal to provide coverage for one in seven cars nationwide. They have undergone many transformations and can proudly say they are currently serving over four million general insurance policies nationwide!

    • Wide support network

The customer service at their company is second to none. They have a broad network of 30+ branches, 6,000 agents nationwide and online channels ready for you!

    • 24-hour Kurnia Auto Assist

In the event of any road emergencies, Kurnia Auto Assist is here to help you anytime and anywhere in Malaysia.

    • Free SMS Service

Receive all the notifications, reminders and answers to your questions about NCD anytime you want them.

    • Policy personalisation

You can customise your policy with road tax and other add-ons like windscreen cover in one easy transaction.

Kurnia Car Insurance Claim Process

If you involved in an accident, remember to stay calm and follow this quick guide to claim your Kurnia car insurance:

  1. Notifying Kurnia Auto Assist immediately after an accident can speed up your recovery time by ensuring that insurance is on hand for any necessary repairs or replacements.
  2. Report all accidents to police within 24-hours.
  3. Call Kurnia Claim Helpdesk at 1 800 88 3833 to start claim process.
  4. Submit all correspondence received from third parties to Kurnia immediately as a result of the incident.
  5. Only send your insured vehicle to our approved panel workshops.
  6. Fill up the relevant sections of your claim form, do not put ‘refer to police’ report.
  7. Do not admit liability and negotiate nor offer compensation to any third party.
  8. Do not repair your vehicle in a non-authorised panel workshop.

Kurnia Car Insurance Claim Documents Needed

Do prepare necessary documents stated below:

    1. Claims Form
    2. Police report (original copy)
    3. Updated vehicle ‘s registration card
    4. Insured & Driver’s Identity Card (copy)
    5. Insured & Driver’s driving license (copy)
    6. Insurance policy/certificate (copy)
    7. Hire Purchase Agreement (copy) – applicable if there is hire purchase
    8. Vehicle permit (for commercial vehicle)
    9. Good’s driving license (GDL) or Public Services license (PSV)- for commercial vehicle
    10. Business registration (copy)- applicable for company registration vehicles

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Kurnia Car Insurance FAQ

1. What is Kurnia Insurance?

Kurnia got you covered with their motor comprehensive protection plan! Covering against damages from accident, fire and theft. Coverage is also provided for your liabilities in the event of injury or death to another party as well as damage done by their vehicle – they’ll take care of it so that no one gets left out there broker than they should be.

2. What is the difference between Uto365 Comprehensive Premier and Auto365 Comprehensive Plus?

Uto365 Comprehensive Premier covers all benefits in Auto365 Comprehensive Plus, and included two more benefits, which are coverage for accidental damage and damage caused by theft attempt.

3. How do I choose the right Kurnia car insurance add-on package for me?

Compare the benefits from three packages, and choose the best fit package for yourself. You can consult us and we will give you advice on how to choose the right plan for you!

4. What’s good about Kurnia car insurance?

You can refer to the “Why Kurnia Car insurance” section for more details!

5. How do I buy Kurnia car insurance online?

You can buy Kurnia Car insurance online through their website!

6. What is the contact number of Kurnia car insurance?

You can contact them through 1800 88 3833 or email (customer@kurnia.com)