MSIG Car Insurance

Their company is one of the leading MSIG operators in Malaysia, with a reputation for providing customers financial strength and risk management expertise. They have grown consistently over time to meet customer needs while also maintaining profitability – all at an affordable price! This enabled their company to provide high returns to their valued shareholders.


MSIG Motor Plus Insurance

    • Comprehensive cover for your vehicle

Cover for loss or damage to your vehicle from fire, theft and third party bodily injury.

    • 10% direct rebate

You will receive a direct 10% rebate when you buy the package!

    • Easy payment

Make easy payment through various ways, such as FPX, Boost e-wallet, or Visa or Mastercard Credit/Debit Card.

    • 6-month warranty on repairs by MSIG panel workshops

MSIG panel workshops offer a 6-month warranty on vehicle repairs.

    • 24-hour assistance from MSIG Motor Assist

The 24-hour assistance from MSIG Motor Assist is here when you need it most!

MSIG Comprehensive Private Car

MSIG Comprehensive Private Car plan shared the same benefits as MSIG Motor Plus Insurance, the only difference is this plan did not come with add-ons benefits. However, you can customize the plan with add-ons of your choice.


With MSIG Motor Plus Insurance, seven preselected add-on is provided to you for better protection and value. This includes Driver’s Personal Accident, Full Special Perils, Legal Liability to Passengers, Legal Liability to Passengers, Waiver of Compulsory Excess, Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion and 24-Hour Unlimited Towing.

    • Accident Repair Allowance (ARA)

The add-on provides a one-time allowance for loss of use when your car is in the shop getting fixed from an accident. The amount they pay depends on how long you’re laid up and what kind of repairs are needed, but this can help with transportation costs during that time!

    • Driver’s Personal Accident

This policy provides coverage for the driver and passengers of an insured car to protect against death or permanent disablement caused by a road accident.

    • Full Special Perils

This policy provides coverage for loss due to flood, typhoon or hurricane. The company also offers earthquake and landslide protection in addition to natural disaster events like storms that can cause damage on your vehicle.

    • Legal Liability to Passengers

Provides comprehensive legal protection for you and your passengers in the event of an accident that is caused by your negligence.

    • Legal Liability of Passengers

The policy provides you with a legal defense against any third party claims of negligence for the actions of your passengers.

    • Waiver of Compulsory Excess

You can get a waiver of the compulsory excess RM400 if you are under 21, have a provisional or learner driver’s license and aren’t named in the Policy Schedule as a’ designated drivers.

    • 24-Hour Unlimited Towing Service

MSIG Motor Assist will tow the car for an unlimited distance to your workshop or home at no additional cost. Terms and conditions apply.

    • Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion

This policy covers the car against loss or damage due to strike, riot and civil commotion.

    • Current Year “NCD” Relief

If you have not made a claim against your insurance policy during the 12 months, you will receive a discount!

    • E-Hail E-Zee

This policy provides coverage when the vehicle is used for carrying e-hailing (fare-paying) passengers.

    • Smart Key Shield

Replace your Smart Car Key if it’s lost, stolen or damaged. This covers the cost of a new replacement and/or programming for your key as well! One set of smart key per car.

    • Waiver of Betterment Cost

Waives the betterment charges for original spare parts.

    • Limited Special Perils

Limited Special Perils is for Comprehensive Private Car only, not applicable for MSIG Motor Plus Insurance. It provides the same protection as Special Perils except it is limited to 25% of the Total Sum Insured.

    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

The policy provides for the compensation of your vehicle’s loss in value based on what you would normally pay. Your insurance company will assess an estimated time before repair, and provide funds to help cover that cost if it happens.

    • Windscreen

includes protection for the front, rear and side windows as well as your sunroof or tinting film so you can enjoy driving with peace of mind. Damaged windscreen replaced will not affect your NCD.

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Why buy MSIG Car Insurance?

    • Customer Focused

To continuously strive for customer satisfaction and security is MSIG top priority.

    • Integrity

They have a kind heart and are willing to go the extra mile for any of their customers.

    • Teamwork

Respectful of one another’s individuality and opinions, they share knowledge together.

    • Innovation

MSIG is always striving to provide the best possible experience for their stakeholders. They want their stakeholders not only feel valued but also understand why their needs are important.

    • Professionalism

MSIG always striving to improve their skills and proficiency so that they can provide high quality services.

Why should you buy MSIG car insurance through PolicyStreet?

    • Ease of use

You know the pain of looking for car insurance. With our platform, you can compare different providers and save time like never before. Get your quote in just minutes – it’s FREE!

    • Price match guarantee

If you find a lower price for the same item, we’ll match it and give your money back!

    • Tech-Enabled Financial Adviser

Approved by the Central Bank of Malaysia. We offered over 100,000 satisfied customers with only top quality service at an affordable price.

MSIG Car Insurance Claim Process

  1. If you involved in an accident, remember to stay calm and follow this quick guide to claim your MSIG car insurance
  2. Lodge police report within 24-hours
  3. Inform MSIG immediately
  4. Complete and submit the claim form together with documents required
  5. Send your vehicle to MSIG authorized panel workshop

MSIG Car Insurance Claim Documents Needed

Do prepare necessary documents stated below:

  1. Original/certified copy of Police Report
  2. Copy of Policy/Cover Note
  3. Copy of Vehicle Registration Card / Copy of Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  4. Copy of your Identity Card and Driving Licence
  5. Copy of your driver’s Identity Card and Driving Licence (if you were not the driver at the time of accident)
  6. Copy of the acknowledgement letter duly acknowledged
  7. Statement from the driver, wherever possible

In the situation of Own Damage – Total Loss, the following documents are also required upon acceptance of our offer:

  1. Two copies of JPJ Transfer Form JPJ K3A duly signed
  2. Copy of JPJK1C Form duly signed, if applicable
  3. Original Certificate of Insurance
  4. Original Vehicle Registration Card duly signed / Original of Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  5. Letter of Release from hire purchase company, if applicable
  6. Certified copy of your Identity Card by Commissioners for Oaths
  7. Two sets of original car key

MSIG Car insurance FAQ

What is MSIG car insurance?

MSIG Malaysia, one of the largest general insurers in this nation, with over 20 branches across various locations, you’re guaranteed to be close by whenever you need them. They provide various insurances included car insurance, medical and house insurance too. As a customer, you can expect financial stability and the best quality of life. They aim to serve their customers by adhering to values like integrity in all that they do!

What is the difference between MSIG Motor Plus Insurance and MSIG Comprehensive Private Car

Both MSIG Motor Plus Insurance and MSIG Comprehensive Private Car provide the same benefits, however MSIG Motor Plus Insurance included seven preselected adds-on, while MSIG Comprehensive Private Car did not.

How do I choose the right MSIG car insurance plan for me?

Compare the benefits from both plans, and choose the most suitable plans for yourself. You can consult us and we will give you advice on how to choose the right plan for you!

What’s good about MSIG car insurance?

You can refer to the “Why MSIG Car insurance” section for more details!

How much do I need to pay for MSIG car insurance?

Consult us to receive the quotation!

How do I buy MSIG car insurance online?

You can buy MSIG Car insurance online through PolicyStreet! Follow these steps to buy it!

  1. Get Quotation
  2. Compare quotes and choose the best price
  3. Get covered
  4. Pay and get insured

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What is the contact number of MSIG car insurance?

You can contact them through 1-800 88 6744.

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