Hong Leong Bank Share Trading

About Hong Leong Bank

Hong Leong Bank Berhad is a Malaysia-based regional financial services firm with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. The Bank emphasises the development of financial capabilities to serve its clients across five continents and is technology-focused. Hong Leong Bank Berhad (“HLB” or “the Bank”) is a subsidiary of the Hong Leong Group and is listed on Bursa Malaysia. The Bank, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, has a long history of Malaysian business.

What is a share trading account?

You can trade shares in Malaysia using funds from your account if you have a Share Trading (Cash Account). Traders’ accounts are regulated because they often buy and sell assets, usually inside the same trading session. A trading account’s assets are maintained separately from those held under a long-term purchase and hold strategy.

About HLeBroking?

HLeBroking is an online share trading platform that allows you to place orders and manage your investment portfolio from the comfort of your own home. Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad, a member of the Hong Leong Group, provides HLeBroking.

Why should I choose HLeBroking online share trading account?

You should choose HLeBroking online share trading account because all users who have activated an online share trading account can use HLeBroking Mobile Trading.

HLeBroking Mobile Trading is a mobile application that allows you to make use of the following features while on the go, anytime and anywhere:

  • Real-time stock quotes and wireless monitoring
  • Online trading services can be accessed wirelessly
  • Real-time stock charts
  • Favourite stock list
  • Real-time portfolio manager
  • Friendly and convenient to be used

Who can open an HLeBroking online share trading account?

You can open an HLeBroking online share trading account if you are at least 18 years old.

If you are a foreigner, you cannot open this trading account. It would help if you were a Malaysian citizen who has never lived in the United States and does not have a foreign residence address, mailing address, or phone number and is only subject to tax assessment in Malaysia as there is no tax liability in any other country.

What is the minimum purchase for HLeBroking online share trading account?

Information is undisclosed. Please call them at +60362520918 to acquire information.

What are the fees for HLeBroking online share trading account?

The brokerage rate is 0.08%* flat of contract value or a minimum of RM8.

*Whichever rate is higher

What is the process of opening the HLeBroking online share trading account?

Log in to HLB Connect, tap on your Pay&Save Account/ Pay&Save Account-I, and select Apply Now. Fill in your details and upload an image of your NRIC (front and back). Verify your details, key in the TAC and click submit.

How do I contact Hong Leong Bank?

You can call them at +60362520918.