RHB Bank Invest Share Trading

About RHB Bank Invest

RHB Investment Bank Berhad is a part of RHB Group. Boasting markets in eight regions, RHB Invest also provides investment services for both corporate and individual needs. Being the largest investment bank in Malaysia, it offers local and foreign markets and shariah-compliant trading accounts and Islamic broking services.

What is share trading?

You can trade shares in Malaysia using funds from your account if you have a Share Trading (Cash Account). Traders’ accounts are regulated because they often buy and sell assets, usually inside the same trading session. A trading account’s assets are maintained separately from those held under a long-term purchase and hold strategy.

What is the share trading platform offered by RHB Invest?

RHB TradeSmart allows you to trade Bursa Malaysia-listed sharess and shares on the global market, namely, SGX, HKEX, NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE. It offers 3 different platforms to trade: TradeSmart Web, TradeSmart Dekstop App, and TradeSmart Mobile.

Why should I choose RHB Invest?

    • Loyalty Points

For every RM1 traded online, get 1 SmartPoint to redeem for BIG Points by Air Asia/ Bursa Malaysia 5 Market Depth.

    • Live Charting Tools

For traders at an advanced level, enjoy customisable candlestick charts with 20 popular technical indicators and a 10-year historical data.

    • Program Trading

To help avoid panic selling and trading emotionally, RHB Invest provides another trading tool that can help to maximise profit and minimise loss.

    • Easy to use

Online trading portal is compatible with major internet browsers, and the mobile trading app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

    • RHB Research

Analysts will publish their research insights to help you make a versed decision when trading, and daily research email are also sent out to you.

    • Flexible

You are free to trade locally or globally (SGX, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc.).

Who can open an RHB Invest share trading account?

Any individual who is 18 years old and above with no history of bankruptcy is welcome to open any RHB Invest share trading account.

What is the minimum purchase for RHB Invest share trading account?

The amount of the initial deposit is undisclosed. Contact RHB Invest at +60321138118 or support@rhbgroup.com to know more.

What are the fees of the RHB Invest share trading account?

    • Account opening fees


    • Brokerage fees

0.42% (Contracts below RM100,000) | 0.21% (Contracts below RM100,000)*

    • Minimum brokerage fees


*As of 3 March 2022

What is the process of opening the RHB Invest share trading account?

  1. Open CDS account
  2. Visit here
  3. Wait for a dealer representative to contact you
  4. Your application will be processed within 3 business days.

How do I contact RHB Invest?

You can contact them at +60321138118 or support@rhbgroup.com.