(1,760 out of 2,000)

respondents chose better health, dental and vision insurance from 17 benefits in an employee survey.

Top 5 reasons PolicyStreet employee benefits is good for employers:

  • more cost savings for the company
  • reduce corporate income tax
  • pay monthly instead of yearly
  • hassle-free enrolment (new to employee benefits) & switching (with employee benefits)
  • additional discounts for companies on motor and travel insurance.

Top 5 reasons for employee benefits is good for employees:

  • employees are the greatest asset in your company
  • business owners and employees are protected from unexpected sickness/accidents
  • boosting employees productivity
  • retain talented and skilled employees
  • additional discounts for employees and family members on motor and travel insurance.

This employee benefit plan is ONLY AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY from PolicyStreet.

Source: https://www.frac.tl/employee-benefits-study/

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