Foodpanda says riders’ benefits include insurance and SOCSO

KUALA LUMPUR: Food delivery service provider Foodpanda has given its assurance that its motorcycle riders are provided with benefits that include insurance coverage, social security and more.

Its logistics head Shubham Saran told New Straits Times that the company ensured its delivery partners’ safety and welfare at all times.

“As a leading online delivery service, we recognise that Foodpanda riders play an important role in the community. As part of Foodpanda’s mission to support the safety and well-being of its riders, the benefits allotted by foodpanda for them include, Socso and 24-hour insurance coverage, among other contributions,”

said Shubham.

He was responding to an NST Leader article titled ‘Self Service?’ which appeared in the NST today: (…)

The piece, in discussing the gig economy, had raised questions on whether its workers such as food delivery riders are provided with healthcare insurance, paid sick leave and reimbursement for expenses incurred.

Shubham said Foodpanda began providing its riders with Socso coverage as of April this year.

“An amount up to RM200,000 was contributed to Socso for the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme (SESSS) to our 2,544 riders.

A 24-hour insurance coverage up to RM20,000 to cover all active riders from injuries, accidents, and permanent disabilities including death.

Riders who test positive for Covid-19 will receive RM1,000, in addition to a death benefit of RM5,000 to be paid to the next-of-kin upon the death of a delivery rider from the virus.

This initiative is a collaboration between Foodpanda and Policy Street to provide financial support to its delivery partners,”

said Shubham.

Additionally, he said that under its Automotive Benefit, all Foodpanda riders were eligible for special promotions such as oil filters, bike parts and heavy duty chains among many others, from automotive brands including LiquiMoly, RAPIDO, Shell, Caltex and more.

“Under the ‘Skill Enhancement’ plan, Foodpanda offers classes under Panda Academy to those who are interested in acquiring new skills like language, coding and also science data,”

Shubham said.

He added that the contributions and benefits were part of Foodpanda’s continued commitment towards its delivery partners, creating a sustainable working environment while making sure that their safety was well protected.

Shubham said that Foodpanda also regularly updated its new rider benefits on the link:

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