UOB Gold Investment

About UOB

The United Overseas Bank, or UOB, was incorporated on 6 August 1935 as the first Chinese bank in Asia. It’s now one of Singapore’s leading financial institutions, with branches all over Malaysia and Thailand, among other places. UOB’s principal banking subsidiaries in the region are United Overseas Bank (Malaysia), United Overseas Bank (Thailand), PT Bank UOB Indonesia and United Overseas Bank (China).

What is a Gold Investment Account (GIA)?

Gold investments allow individuals to buy gold without physical assets, and they are perfect for the person who wants to diversify their portfolio. Only certain banks offer this service, but it is worth looking into if you have an additional source of wealth!

About UOB gold investment account

  • Gold investment without the need to hold actual physical gold
  • The returns on your investment depend on the movement of the gold price
  • Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia does not protect this investment

Why should I choose a UOB gold investment account?

  • Secure, hassle-free investment
  • Low price spread
  • Conversion to physical gold
  • Instant liquidity

Who can open a UOB gold investment account?

Individuals at 18 years and above on the application date are allowed to open a Gold Investment Account.

What are the risks of having a gold-i investment account?

  • Pricing risk

    The price of gold will be determined by the Bank at its sole and absolute discretion. It considers all relevant factors, including world market conditions, local currency exchange rates between USD and MYR, and fineness levels.

  • Market risk

    Your investment may be at risk if market conditions change. Although gold is considered one of the safest investments in the world, you’ll have no control over the profitability of your fund and could sustain losses as well!

  • Not protected by authorities

    Gold investment account is not covered by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM).

What is the minimum purchase for a UOB gold investment account?

  • Minimum initial purchase: 20 grams
  • Minimum subsequent investment/ withdrawal: 5 grams

What are the standard fees of a UOB gold investment account?

  • Conversion fee:

    Differential between the physical gold price and PGA/GSA price + processing fee

  • Account opening requirement:

    The investor is required to maintain either a savings account or current account in MYR to facilitate payment for purchases, collection of sales proceeds and debiting of fees

What is the process of opening a UOB gold investment account?

Visit the nearest UOB branch or contact the 24-hour UOB Call Centre:

  • Kuala Lumpur: +6 03 – 26128 121
  • Penang: +6 04 – 2401 121
  • Johor Bahru: +6 07 – 2881 121
  • Kuching: +6 082 – 287 121
  • Kota Kinabalu: +6 088 – 477 121

Maintain either a Savings or Current Account with the bank to facilitate payment for purchases, collection of sales proceeds, and debiting of fees under the GSA

What are the common terms of gold investment?

  • Minimum initial purchase

    The amount of gold you need to start an investment account. It depends on the bank and type, but it can be as little as 1 gram or more!

  • Minimum balance

    The minimum amount of gold needed to maintain your gold investment account.

  • Minimum subsequent purchase/ sale

    The minimum amount of gold you must involve in any transactions when buying or selling via your gold investment account.

  • Buy-sell spread

    The difference between a bank’s selling price and buying price for gold investments account. For example, you get gold at RM245, and the bank repurchases it at RM235. The buy-sell spread is RM10 (RM245 minus RM235).