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At PolicyStreet, we strive to answer all of your insurance questions. These are some of the burning ones!

Q. How can we help you?

PolicyStreet hopes to be the voice of the community you belong to when it comes to insurance advice, therefore we have handpicked products which we think will suit your needs. We will briefly highlight their unique features, ask you a handful of questions to help you decide which is the best available product, then connect you either directly to the insurance providers offering those products. We do believe buying insurance is a serious manner, so if you’d be more comfortable dealing with a person, we’d connect you with some of the most trustworthy agents we consider as friends.

We also recognize that we have needs which are not met by the available products in the local market. Therefore, we allow you to submit your own policy ideas, and design your desired products, after which we, as a community will use these expression of interests to discuss with the right insurance providers to make these products accessible to the public.

We want you to spend less time searching for the right product and more time with your loved ones and communities, protected of course 😉

Q. How is my private information being used?

Like you, we take our privacy very seriously. Check out the Privacy Policy for more details.

Q. Do I have to pay for your advice?

Not a dime! This is what we call true community spirit 🙂

Q. I need to speak to PolicyStreet!

Write to admin@policystreet.com and we will get back to you, pronto!

Q. I am an agent and I want to be a part of PolicyStreet family!

Click HERE to register! Otherwise, write to admin@policystreet.com if you need any assistance.