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Drive Less & Save Up To 40% with P&O PrOmilej insurance

Pay the discounted amount when you renew your insurance, and top up along the way only if you exceed your mileage threshold.

Who is PrOmilej for?

If you drive less than the average driver, PrOmilej could save you money. You might not get behind the wheel every day because you…
Mileage Car Insurance For MCO, CMCO and RMCO
Are experiencing MCO, CMCO, RMCO
Save on Car Insurance while working from home
Work from home and don’t commute
Car Insurance For Car You Rarely Drive
Have an extra car you rarely drive
How it works?
You estimate your annual mileage for the year ahead, and pick the plan which suits your needs!
Car Insurance Mileage Plan (5000km, 10000km, 15000km)
5,000 km

100 roundtrips between KL and Selangor
(25.2KM One way)
10,000 km

15 roundtrips between KL and Johor
(330KM One way)
15,000 km

10 roundtrips between Johor and Penang
(690KM One way)
Get PrOmilej With 3 Easy Steps!
Get Car Insurance Mileage Quotation
Get Quotation
Select Promilej Car Insurance Plan
Select PrOmilej plan that suits estimated mileage for the year
Get Odometer Reading


Pay and get odometer reading ready
You are still well covered
PrOmilej offers all the coverage of a typical comprehensive insurance, but at cheaper premium due to reduced mileage!
Comprehensive Cover - Mileage Based Car Insurance
Covers loss or damage to your vehicle within the mileage band selected.
Third Party Cover - Car Insurance Mileage Malaysia
Third Party cover for the period of the insurance, irrespective of mileage band.
Top up your mileage plan
You can top up your plan to a higher mileage band, if needed. We’re here to help!
Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance
Call 1-800-88-2121 for Total Assist (24/7) services for any breakdown and/or tow truck assistance, through AutoRescue.
Services includes: 24/7 Total Assist (breakdown and tow) services, Free towing up to RM350, Free labour up to RM350
How to claim PrOmilej
How to Claim PrOmilej
PrOmilej 101
Mileage Car Insurance Malaysia FAQ
Can I purchase PrOmilej without submitting the odometer mileage photo?
What happens if I exceed my allocated mileage?
How much is the Top Up required to enjoy the full coverage?
The Top Up premium charged is the difference in premium between your current and next plan.
Can I top-up the plan after exceeding my mileage plan limits?

Can I change my chosen mileage cover range?

Can I resubmit my odometer reading if I purchased the policy at a date which is before the insurance start date?

What should I be responsible for?

Why am I receiving calls from P&O Insurance after purchasing PrOmilej? P&O will contact you within 14 days after you purchased this policy:


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