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Tips to get cheapest car insurance

How to get cheapest car insurance?

As you are aware, car insurance is pricey but there are some measure that can be considered to avoid paying more than you should. Comparing the quotes with us is the best way to save money on your premiums

Compare at least 3 car insurance quotes

Compare at least 3 car insurance quotes

By comparing the quotes through PolicyStreet, you are able to get the best deal!

Opt for higher deductibles or pay per use

Opt for higher deductibles or pay per use

By requesting for higher deductibles, you can cut down on your premiums.

Do not opt for too much coverage

Do not opt for too much coverage. Stick with what you need!

Bear in mind that the more coverage you add on to your policy, the higher the premiums that would have to be incurred.

Drive safely and meticulously

Drive safely and meticulously

The best way to lower your premiums is by avoiding accidents and driving more carefully.

Maintain a good credit record

Maintain a good credit record

By establishing a solid credit history, you may cut down on your premiums in the long run.

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We want to make sure you always get the best deal out of your car insurance. Now, you can get RM 1,000 off whether you are buying for the first time or renewing your car insurance exclusively at PolicyStreet. Plus, it is free to use our comparison platform and simple enough to get your insurance within 3 steps.

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What cover do I need to consider?

In Malaysia, car insurance companies offer three basic types of car insurance coverages. Depending on the policy, car insurance can cover all or part of the cost of repairs or replacement, as well as the cost of damages to a third party’s car or property. It is recommended that you choose the car insurance that suits your needs rather than choosing the cheapest option.

Comprehensive car insurance is known as the most widest and diverse coverage compared to the other coverages. This coverage will cover you for repair or replacement costs if your car is damaged, stolen or caught in a fire. Additional extensions can be added too depending on the type of extensions you require.

Key Points:


Covers death or injury to the third party.


Covers damage to the third parties’ properties.


Covers loss or damage to your car caused by fire or theft.


Covers damage to your vehicle due to accident.

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The easiest insurtech in Malaysia. Provides a lot of great offers to help people, especially for youth, who just about to start their independent lives.

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Road Tax

In accordance with the Malaysia Road Transport Act 1987, it is mandatory for every vehicle on the road to have road tax and motor insurance. If you are caught without having a valid road tax and motor insurance, you would need to fork out money to pay the hefty fines!

Here in PolicyStreet, you can renew your road tax online. It's so simple and fast. Just follow the simple steps when applying for your road tax. Besides that, we also deliver your road tax right to your doorstep within 2 business days.

Choosing the right car insurance

Getting the right car insurance is the best way to ensure low premiums for your car, and understanding what influences premiums is essential in doing so. Below is a list of factors to consider when getting your car insurance.

Type of Insurance

There are three types of car insurance. They are comprehensive insurance, third-party insurance, and third-party, fire and theft insurance. Each insurance type provides different coverage, with a more comprehensive coverage demanding higher premiums. It can be even higher when additional coverage is requested. Read here for additional information.

Number of insured drivers

Depending on the type of car insurance, some insurance companies will cover all drivers while others require additional drivers to be named in their policy. Generally, you can name up to two drivers for free in an insurance policy, with additional named drivers will be charged RM10 per name.

Car model

Premiums charged depends on the car model that is being insured, with some models being more expensive than others. Therefore, check and compare with different insurers to find the best deal for you.

Travelling overseas

Car insurance only provides coverage in Malaysia. If you would like to use your car overseas, additional premiums will be charged as basic car insurance does not extend their coverage overseas.

Check Your Car Insurance Online

While most Malaysians still renew their insurance the traditional way, more people are slowly transitioning to online renewal because of the many benefits received from doing so.

Looking for the best car insurance in terms of cost, policy and benefits can be a complex and time consuming effort due to the different offers available from numerous insurance companies in Malaysia.

Fortunately, we at PolicyStreet provide the best way to get a quote. Simply fill in your details and find all the information online!

Check your current NCD for your car

Accurately check your car insurance premium after NCD deduction

Check offers and benefits from the best insurance companies in Malaysia

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Need Help?

Claim Guide

Accidents can happen to anyone anytime even the most careful among us. At some point in time, car owners are required to submit insurance claims for a certain loss or damage. Insurance claims can be a confusing procedure for all of us as a missing document or loss of vital information can lead to delays or rejections in your insurance claims.

Here in PolicyStreet, we know how devastating it can be when you are in need of money and delays or rejections happen. Thus, we have created a simple guide covering all the aspects of car insurance claims.

Follow our guidelines and definitely you won’t face any delays in receiving your claims or preventing your claims from being rejected! Thus, ensuring a speedy claims process!

Roadside Assistance

Worried and clueless on what to do when your car fails all of a sudden on the road?

Roadside Assistance is a protection and assistance provided when your car breaks down while you are driving on the road. You can get roadside assistance when you are covered with basic car insurance. If your car insurance policy does not cover roadside assistance, you can purchase it as an add-on too. The services provided for roadside assistance usually vary between the car insurance providers. Hence, it is important to review your insurance policy before purchasing it to fully understand what you are covered for to avoid getting shocked when you have trouble with your car.

Check out the guidance provided to know more on roadside assistance.

Car Insurance 101

What you need to know?

In Malaysia, as a car owner it is mandatory to own a car insurance because no matter how skilled you are, numerous unpredictable incidents could happen on the road which are beyond your control.

Do checkout the FAQ to clear your doubts on car insurance!

Car Insurance Malaysia FAQ

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is known as a policy contract which is signed between the policyholder and the insurance company. The main purpose of a car insurance is to protect the policyholder against financial losses caused by road accidents, fire or theft in exchange for annual premium payments.

Is my car covered if someone else drives it?

Your car would be covered if you have included the person’s name in your policy. If the person’s name is not included, then you would have to compensate for the losses. It is always better to include the person’s name who frequently drives your car. It is free for the first two names and RM10 would have to be incurred for the additional drivers.

How to determine the sum insured needed for my car?

The sum insured for your car can be determined according to the market value of your car. To clarify, this would be the current cost to replace your car with another of the same model, general condition and age. The amount you choose to insure your car is called as sum insured. For instance, if the current market value of your car is RM50,000 but you only insured for RM20,000, then you could be penalised for being under insured.

What is the optional coverage that I can buy under car insurance?

The optional coverage would be the additional extensions that fall under comprehensive coverage. The optional coverage are as follows:

  • Windscreen Coverage

  • Named Driver

  • Special Perils (Flood, Hurricane, Typhoons, Earthquakes, Landslides and other natural disasters)

  • Personal Accidents and Medical Benefits for Drivers and Passengers

  • Legal liability

    • Legal Liability to Passengers (LLTP)

    • Legal Liability of Passengers (LLOP)

  • Compensation for Assessed Repair Times

  • Car Accessories Coverage

  • Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion

How insurers calculate car insurance or what are the factors affecting my car premium?

As you know, premiums differ from one policyholder to another policyholder. Therefore, you should consider the factors affecting car premiums to understand how your car insurance is priced.

Driving record: Drivers that have a safe driving record would be charged with less premiums compared to those who are prone to cause accidents. Your NCD would be affected too.

Location: Drivers who are living in areas that have high crime rates and larger populations would be charged with higher premiums compared to those who live in a low crime rate area.

Coverage history: If the driver has continuous auto insurance coverage which shows that the driver is a responsible car owner, then a lower premium would be charged compared to those who have a bad record.

Vehicle: Cars that have safety features and lower market value would cause the premiums to be lower than cars without these requirements.

How much you drive?: If the driver spends less time driving, then the driver would have a lower chance of getting into an accident and therefore, the premiums would be much lower compared to those who spend more time driving.

In brief, all of these requirements will be taken into consideration by the insurers when charging premiums to a policyholder.

What is excess and how does it affect my premium?

Deductibles which are also known as excess is the amount of money that you would have to incur while the remaining amount would be borne by the insurance company. The higher the deductibles, the lower the premiums as you have taken more risk on yourself and the insurance company would pay less for your losses.

To clarify, if you have RM1000 deductible and have encountered an accident where you are at fault which have caused RM2000 damage to your vehicle, then you would have to pay the first RM1000 out-of-pocket while your insurance company would bear the remaining losses of RM1000.

Therefore, by being a rational and wise policyholder you should be able to choose the right amount of deductible by comparing how much you would save on your policy each year and how much you would have to fork out money in the event of an accident. You would need to find a perfect equilibrium between your personal budgets and need

How does No-Claim Discount affect my car insurance premium?

No-Claim Discount which is commonly known as NCD, is a significant part of your car insurance.NCD is known as a reward for safe driving.

NCD is a type of discount given for:

  1. not making any insurance claim for the preceding 12 months.
  2. not having any insurance claim made by a third party against your car insurance policy.

How to cancel my car insurance policy?

If you insist on cancelling your policy, you should immediately contact PolicyStreet to let them know by messaging them through WhatsApp, calling or dropping an email to them. Do not wait till the last minute.

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