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Comparing motorcycle insurance quotes with us only takes 1 minute and it’s free! It saves you from all the hassle of moving from one website to another. Finding you the best deals with just one search away. Get your quotes now and customize your policy which protects your ride wherever the road takes you.

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Tips to get cheapest motorcycle insurance

How to get cheapest motorcycle insurance?

Every motorcycle on the road requires insurance and it is illegal to ride without insuring your motorcycle. However, there is no reason that you are paying more than what you need! Comparing the quotes with us is the easiest way to start saving money on your premiums.

Compare at least 3 motorcycle insurance quotes

Compare at least 3 motorcycle insurance quotes

By comparing the quotes through PolicyStreet, you are able to get the best deal!

Limit Your Motorcycle Mileage

Limit your mileage

Riders who spend less time riding would have a lower chance of getting into an accident and the premiums would be much lower.

Do not opt for too much motorcycle coverage

Do not opt for too much coverage. Stick with what you need!

Bear in mind that the more coverage you add on to your policy, the higher the premiums that would have to be incurred.

Ride safely and meticulously

Ride safely and meticulously

The best way to lower your premiums is by avoiding accidents and riding more carefully.

Avoid modified and unusual motorcycle

Avoid modified and unusual motorcycles

Motorcycles with numerous modifications cause your premiums to be more expensive due to the higher repair/replacement costs and increases the chances of theft.

Save up to 18% when you buy or renew your motorcycle insurance with us!

We want to make sure you always get the best deal out of your motorcycle insurance. Now, you can get 18% off whether you are buying for the first time or renewing your motorcycle insurance exclusively at PolicyStreet. Plus, it is free to use our comparison platform and simple enough to get your insurance within 3 steps.

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What cover do I need to consider?

In Malaysia, motorcycle insurance companies offer three basic types of motorcycle insurance coverages. Depending on the policy, motorcycle insurance can cover all or part of the cost of repairs or replacement, as well as the cost of damages to a third party’s motorcycle or property. It is recommended that you choose the motorcycle coverage that suits your needs rather than choosing the cheapest option.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is known as the most diverse coverage compared to the other coverages. This coverage will cover you for repair or replacement costs if your motorcycle is damaged, stolen or caught in a fire. It includes protecting you when you are responsible for the injury or death of the third party and damage to their property. Add-ons can be added depending on your needs.

Key Points:


Covers death or injury to the third party.


Covers damage to the third parties’ properties.


Covers loss or damage to your motorcycle in the event of fire or theft.


Covers damage to your motorcycle due to accident.

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Motorcycle Insurance 101

What you need to know?

In Malaysia, as a rider it is mandatory to own motorcycle insurance because no matter how skilled you are, numerous unpredictable incidents could happen on the road which are beyond your control.

Do check out the FAQ to clear your doubts on motorcycle insurance!

Motorcycle Insurance Malaysia FAQ

How insurers calculate motorcycle insurance or what are the factors affecting my motorcycle premium?

As you know, premium differs from one policyholder to another policyholder. Premium is based on risk characteristics of the rider. The greater the potential risk, the higher the premium and the lower the potential risk, the lower the premium. Thus, you should consider the factors affecting motorcycle premium to understand how your motorcycle insurance is priced.

Riding record: Motorcycle riders that have a safe riding record would be charged with less premiums compared to those who are prone to cause accidents. Your NCD would be affected too.

Claims history: You are able to get a discount on your premium if you have not made any insurance claim against your policy. However, If you have made a claim on your motorcycle insurance in the past then the insurer will classify you as having a high probability of filing future claims. Hence, higher premiums would be charged.

Location: Drivers who are living in areas that have high crime rates and larger populations would be charged with higher premiums compared to those who are living in a low crime rate area.

Type of bike ridden: Latest, expensive and powerful bikes will usually cost more to insure than older, cheaper and less powerful models. Your premiums would be higher if you add performance enhancements to make your bike more powerful and faster.

Who rides your bike? Your premiums would be lower if you are an experienced rider with good claims history. However, if you want your policy to cover a 18-year old rider with several previous insurance claims and with a speeding conviction, the premiums would be much higher.

How much you ride? If the rider spends less time riding, then the rider would have a lower chance of getting into an accident and therefore, the premiums would be much lower compared to those who spend more time riding.

In short, all of these factors will be taken into consideration by the insurers when charging premiums to a policyholder.

What is excess and how does it affect my premium?

Deductibles which are also known as excess is the amount of money that you would have to incur while the remaining amount would be borne by the insurer. The higher the excess, the lower the premiums as you have taken more risk on yourself and the insurance company would pay less for your losses.

To clarify, if you have RM1000 deductible and have encountered an accident where you are at fault which have caused RM2000 damage to your motorcycle, then you would have to pay the first RM1000 out-of-pocket while your insurer would bear the remaining losses of RM1000.

Hence, by being a rational and wise policyholder you should be able to choose the right amount of deductible by comparing how much you would save on your policy each year and how much you would have to fork out money in the event of an accident. You would need to find a perfect equilibrium between your personal budget and needs.

What is the extra coverage provided in motorcycle insurance?

The add-ons provided are as follows:

  • All Riders

    • Covers accidents while your motorcycle is being used by any licensed driver who has your consent.

  • Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion

    • Covers motorcycles against loss or damage caused by strike, riot and civil commotion.

  • Inclusion of Special Perils (Flood)

    • Covers motorcycles against loss or damage caused by flood, storm tempests amongst other perils.

  • Legal Liability to Pillion (LLP)

    • Provides cover against legal liability sought by your pillion against you in the event of an accident caused by your negligence.

    • If you intend to ride your motorcycle into Singapore, then it is mandatory by Singapore’s law to have cover against Legal Liability to Pillion (LLP).

Can I renew road tax with PolicyStreet?

Yes, definitely you can! Visit www.policystreet.com/motorcycle to renew your road tax with PolicyStreet. Wait no more, renew it now!

How do I submit motorcycle insurance claims?

When submitting claims, you should directly contact your insurance company. For instance, if you have purchased motorcycle insurance from Berjaya Sompo, then you should submit your claims to Berjaya Sompo directly for them to review and verify your claim.

How to cancel my motorcycle policy?

If you insist on cancelling your policy, you should immediately contact PolicyStreet to let them know by messaging them through WhatsApp, calling or dropping an email to them. Do not wait till the last minute.

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