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FAQs About Motorcycle Insurance in Malaysia

1. What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is a great way to protect yourself against the many risks that come with riding motorcycles. Whether you’re prone towards accidents or other forms of liability, this type provides for financial protection in all cases.

2. Is it necessary to get one in Malaysia for my motorcycle?

Yes, it is a requirement in Malaysia! The Road Transport Act 1987 requires all motorcyclists to have liability insurance for their bikes, which can help cover damages if they’re found at fault.

3. Is there anything I should know before purchasing any motor insurance in Malaysia?

  • You should compare different plans / products provided by different insurers to see which suit you best.
  • You should also understand the exclusion of the policy and only purchase adds-on that are useful for you.
  • Review your insurance needs yearly to get the best coverage for your current needs.

4. What does motorcycle insurance in Malaysia normally cover?

Motorcycle insurance in Malaysia provides a number of different benefits, including coverage for bodily injury or death inflicted on third parties in case you’re involved with an accident while riding your bike. Some might also cover the damage caused by theft or fire. Do compare them before purchasing one.

5. What is the difference between motorcycle insurance and personal accident insurance?

Motorcycle Insurance provides protection for your bike in case something happens with it. Not only will it cover any damages or accidents that happen during the policy period, but also covered financially for third parties if someone else gets hurt because of the accident.

However, personal accident plans protect you in the event of an unfortunate accident by providing financial protection for your recovery. Payouts are either reimbursement basis (such as for medical expenses), or a lump-sum payout depending on what kind of injury is sustained.

6. What types of motorcycle insurance in Malaysia are there?

There are three types of motorcycle insurance in Malaysia:

  • Third party only – provide financial cover for third parties loss
  • Third party, theft and fire – provide financial cover for third parties loss and also damaged caused by fire and burglary
  • Comprehensive – basically cover any financial loss for third party and policyholder

7. Does it provide coverage if someone else is riding my motorcycle?

Yes, but only if you include the rider’s name after when you purchase the policy.

8. What are some common exclusions to motorcycle insurance?

It is important to note that your motor insurance/takaful policy will not cover you for every risk. The typical coverage does not include death or disabilities due to accidents, as well any damages arising from natural disasters and liability claims made by passengers in vehicles. Also, any war related issues will not be covered.

9. Can I change my plan within the same insurer?

Yes, you can change your plan within the same insurer. You can choose to upgrade your plan or choose one that best suits your needs.

10. Can I change the insurer within the same policy year?

Yes, you may change. However, some might have extra penalty charges if you change the insurer before your policy expires.

11. What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Malaysia that I can acquire?

The cheapest motorcycle insurance in Malaysia you can acquire is Third party coverage. This coverage provides financial protection for third parties that are involved in accidents that are caused by your neglect.

12. How much should I insure my motorcycle?

If you own a motorcycle, it is essential that the value of your ride has been insured appropriately as it will affect the amount of claim. When you apply for motorcycle insurance, the first thing that should be considered is its market value. For a new bike it will usually equaling what was paid in purchase price

13. How can I save money on my premium?

There are many ways to reduce your premium, including having a history of good driving behavior with no accidents and claims. If you lead an accident-free life for four years, it will net you 25% of your yearly premium. Another option would be carefully selecting the right type of policy for you.

14. What factors affect my premium?

Post-detariffication, your motor vehicle’s value is determined by many factors. Insurance companies will look at the market price of a car as well as its location and type which can affect what premium you pay for coverage. Some additional factors are age, gender, previous driving history, etc. to further determine your premium price.

15. What is Non-Claim Discount?

No Claim Discount (NCD) is a great way to save money on your car insurance. If you haven’t made any claims in the past, this discount will help keep costs low for all future periods! It starts off at 10% but can increase up to 25% of your yearly policy premium if you did not make any claims.

16. Why do I need to pay stamp duty?

The government taxes single purchase documents with a stamp duty, which is an agreement of sale. This includes insurance/takaful agreements as they too represent agreements to buy something and therefore fall under this form’s taxation laws.

17. How do I claim insurance for bike scratches?

The cost of your comprehensive coverage can be deductible. In such a situation, you must pay up front for motorcycle repairs before any insurance benefits kick in and include what it takes to fix the motorcycle!

18. Am I able to claim insurance on a stolen motorcycle?

Your motorcycle is a costly investment, but if it’s stolen and you have comprehensive or third party fire/theft insurance covers then there are ways for claiming losses. All that needs to be done within a given timeline with proper procedure from the company’s side as well!

19. How long did my insurance policy cover?

The insurance you’ve purchased will continue to provide coverage until its expiry date. It depends on how you communicate with the insurer, but mostly one year. You’ll find the period in the policy schedule.

20. Can I cancel my policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy anytime! Just remember to notify your insurer before the expiry date. Take note that you might be charged for an amount of money if you cancel the policy before one year.

21. Can I purchase multiple policies?

Yes, you are able to purchase multiple policies. However, you find it costly because you will need to pay double for the premium. The claiming process is complicated too.

22. When can I renew my policy?

You can renew your motorcycle policy on the expiry date. However, it is recommended to renew it a few days before the expiry date, because you will need to renew the road tax too.

23. Can I purchase / renew policy online?

Yes! There are many platforms where you can renew or purchase insurance policies nowadays.