Etiqa Motorcycle Insurance

Etiqa is a notable insurance agency in Malaysia, set up in 1989. Traditionally, motorcycle protection involved rule for some Malaysian residents. In any case, with Etiqa there are different choices you can take, for example, life assurance and the wealth management that will shield your family from monetary dangers when tragedy incidents occur on streets in Malaysia.


What type of coverage should I purchase for my motorcycle?

There are three types of motorcycle insurance, Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive insurance. The least you should get is Third Party insurance, as it will only provide coverage to third parties when road accidents happen.

How much should I pay to get motorcycle insurance?

Third Party Insurance is the most economical type of motorcycle insurance, while Comprehensive will cost more. However it offers wider coverage for you and others. You should consider which fits your needs.

How do I choose the right Etiqa insurance plan for me?

The right plan for you depends on your needs. A good place to start is by comparing the benefits and prices of different plans, as well as how they protect you from financial loss or legal trouble in case something goes wrong with motorcycle insurance! You can consult their advisor for their recommendation.

How do I get the best price when purchasing motorcycle insurance?

When shopping for motorcycle insurance, be sure to compare rates and coverage. Some companies provide the same amount of protection but at higher prices than other firms offer. Visit PolicyStreet to get the best offer!

Can I purchase add-ons?

Yes, extra protection for your motorcycle is not only possible but also recommendable. There are various add-ons that you can get to provide complete coverage of all kinds in case anything happens while on the road such as special perils coverage etc..

How can I contact Etiqa?

You can contact them through hotline (1-300-88-1007) OR WhatsApp No.: +60327804677

What should I consider when choosing an insurer?

A few things you should consider when choosing an insurer. Insurance plans provided, customer reviews, and last but not least claiming speed.

How does NCD work when renewing my motorcycle insurance?

With a non-claim discount, you can save up to 25% when renewing your motorcycle insurance. Do note that non-claim discount will only work if no claims made previously.

How can I claim my motorcycle insurance with Etiqa?

A claiming guide will be given by Etiqa. Remember to prepare relevance documents and follow the claiming procedure in order to claim your motorcycle insurance.

Did Etiqa insurance provide roadside assistance?

Yes, you can refer to their Etiqa Auto Assist service.

Should I choose to repair my motorcycle at a panel workshop or general workshop?

Etiqa provides their own panel workshop and it is recommended to service your motorcycle if you are insured by any insurance plan. You can refer here to understand how to choose a car workshop.

Can I purchase multiple motorcycle insurance from different insurers?

Yes you may. However, it is not recommended to do so. It is not worth it for you to pay twice as much of the premium, also the claiming process will be complicated too.

Can I renew my motorcycle insurance online?

Sure, you can renew it online. There are various online platforms where you can purchase or renew your motorcycle insurance.

How do I know which insurers provide the best offer?

You can save time by looking for an instant quote on the internet. There are many online platforms that provide this service, so it’s easy to find one you like and want!