eBOSS, Allianz and PolicyStreet to jointly offer protection to house owners

An All-In-One community app, myLivin’ Home (formally known as myliving.mylife), a property management platform under myLivin’ Product series by eBOSS Technology Sdn. Bhd. announced its collaboration with Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) and PolicyStreet.com, to jointly provide protection to homeowners who perform Maintenance Fee & Sinking Fund payments, digitally via the myLivin’ Home platform.

Serving more than 100 communities with their digitalized property management solution today, eBOSS aims to help such communities solve their low maintenance fee collection problems. Among these issues are cash fraud and cash transit, the inconvenience of making payments, and human errors during payment transactions. For the past two years, myLivin’ Home platform has helped these communities to collect Maintenance Fee & Sinking Funds online, even during the MCO or property management office closure caused by COVID-19 cases. It has seen significant growth of payments made digitally during MCO via myLivin’ Home platform. The collection rate online has also gained 30 percent month-over-month growth for the past two years.

Being a digital partner to Allianz General and Strategic partner to PolicyStreet.com, eBOSS is announcing their new value-added service to homeowners who transform their payment activities via myLivin’ Home platform. Effective 1 February 2022, homeowners who successfully make payments via the myLivin’ Home platform will automatically receive protection for their Maintenance Fee and Sinking funds in the event of Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement, up to RM16K in protection value.

eBOSS is the first in the market that provides such protection for the property management industry. It believes that this value-added service will encourage more payment activities to be made online thus reducing dependency on manual payments. It can also reduce the risk of JMB/MC losing Maintenance Fee collections if the unfortunate happens to homeowners.

“We are proud to be able to help the industry solve their biggest problem of low maintenance fee collection rate. It has proven that digital payment is adopted by the industry especially during MCO. It is eBOSS’s pleasure to partner with Allianz General and PolicyStreet.com to work on this project together. We believe this initiative will see the transformation of even more digital payment transactions in the Property Management industry. We are extremely pleased with the support given by Allianz General and we truly appreciate the collaboration with our highly efficient InsurTech partner, PolicyStreet.com in facilitating the entire project,”

said Angela Kew, CEO of eBOSS Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Allianz General Chief Executive Officer, Sean Wang said that the Company is always on the lookout for partners who can help elevate how Allianz General delivers products and services to its customers.

“Our aim is to forge meaningful partnerships that are mutually beneficial, with partners who have, first and foremost, the customers’ interest at heart. This is something Allianz General has always been driven by and will continue to emphasis on. Our partnership with eBOSS and PolicyStreet.com is testimony to this,”

said Sean.

“We are happy to curate innovative protection solutions for our valued partner, myLivin’ Home, by giving peace of mind to homeowners who are on the property management platform. We strive to ensure that insurance remains relevant to various lifestyle needs and the partnership with myLivin’ Home and Allianz is such an example,”

said Wilson Beh, Co-Founder of PolicyStreet.com

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