Petrol Provider Review In Malaysia

Key Points

  1. The leading oil and gas companies in Malaysia are Petronas, Petron, BHP Oil Petroleum and Shell.
  2. Malaysia is one of the largest oil producers in Asia and has been a major player for quite some time now.
  3. Malaysia is the world’s second-largest exporter of liquefied natural gas and the second-largest oil and natural gas producer in SouthEast Asia.

Oil and gas have been an essential part of our lives for centuries. From household needs to powering industrial machinery, these precious resources can be found in nearly every aspect that we use energy throughout the world today!

The world is a vortex of money-making businesses, and oil companies are at the center. They’ve been around for years now that will continue to operate in the coming decades as well! Oil is the lifeblood of many countries, and can be found all over. Some companies have even managed to produce oil at a rate that would make million barrels every day!

The country of Malaysia has always been a hot spot for energy exploration. Malaysia is one of the largest oil producers in Asia and has been a major player on this front for quite some time now.

Being the world’s second-largest exporter of liquefied natural gas and the second- largest oil and natural gas producer in SouthEast Asia, the oil and gas industry is a big deal in Malaysia. There are many companies that provide services to this market, here’s some of them!

PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad

PETRONAS is a company that produces oil and gas in Malaysia. It’s short for Berhad National Petroleum. The Malaysian government is committed to developing its oil and gas resources for the benefit of all Malaysians. This company has been set up as a holding firm, which oversees this duty on behalf of our people!

PETRONAS is a multinational company that specializes in retailing and marketing downstream oil products. They have operations throughout Asia, especially Malaysia.

The company was founded in 1974. Petronas is among the largest Fortune Global 500 companies, coming in at 75th place worldwide in 2013. The company has been ranked 12th most profitable in the world and 1st out of all Asian countries!

The company sells its products through 1,000 Petronas stations and 760 Mesra Kedai outlets. They are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with a subsidiary called PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad who operates as Malaysia’s national oil company under its heading “Petroliam Nasional.”

These days, it’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced world of business. The company offers everything from flight services and technical support for your car or appliance needs all while providing services including fast food restaurants, food, banking facilities, hypermarkets, terminals, couriers, car wash services, businesses, and others.

Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd.

Petron Corporation has been an Asian oil company for 80 years. They share the same roots with Esso Malaysia Berhad (EMB), tracing their lineage back to 1933 when they established Standard Vacuum Oil Company in Asia Pacific region before emerging as one of its major corporations today!

Petron is also a major supplier of Philippines oil needs. Becoming the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines.

The Petron Port Dickson Refinery has a capacity to produce around 88,000 barrels per day. The variety of petroleum products it produces includes gasoline as well as other fuels for home or commercial use!

It operates more than 560 service stations throughout the nation, and the fuel is distributed around eight depots and terminals.

Shell (M) Trading Sdn. Bhd.

Shell is a multinational oil and gas company that was formed due to the joining of Royal Dutch Petroleum and Shell Transport & Trading. Shell is announced to be the seventh largest company in the world in 2016, and also one of the six biggest oil and gas companies in the world.

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd, a company that markets oil products in Malaysia is based at Kota Kinabalu. It operates as a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. The company is a global enterprise with operations in more than 90 countries and produces oil from 3.1 million barrels every day! It has 44,000 gas stations across its vast network of outlets worldwide

If you enjoy having bonuses while spending, you should know that Bonuslink is associated with Shell. So that if you spend money on adding fuel, you are welcome to collect points with your Bonuslink card and exchange goods you need through their official website.

Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn. Bhd., known as BHPetrol. The company has an unwavering effort to market and distribute the highest-quality oil products. This is seen in their steady expansion across Malaysia, over time helped by people who trust them with every step forward made on a venture like this one

The BHPetrol network of more than 370 service stations offers a variety of oil products, as well as 260 operating shops in the retail service station network. Furthermore, the company provides Fleet cards to control the purchase of fuel and other items at their gas stations. The former BP Malaysia Sdn Bhd changed its name in September 2005, when it became known as Boustead petroleum marketing Sdn. Bhd.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer demands, BHPetrol continuously innovates with their products. They have launched new diesel grades, Euro5 in Johor Bahru 2014 and Infiniti Euro5 Klang Valley in 2015. Mr. Leslie Ng has been appointed as the new CEO of BHPetrol in 2020.

Chevron Malaysia Limited

Chevron has a subsidiary in Malaysia called Chevron Malaysia Limited. The company mainly operates through their Caltex® service station network. For those who do not know about Chevron, you might have heard about Caltex petrol in Malaysia.

Chevron has been operating in Malaysia for 80 years, and still going strong! The company’s employees are involved with marketing supplies such as lubricants or terminals. They also focus on social investment by providing funds to initiatives that help education and skill development among locals where they live too.

Chevron Malaysia Ltd is a company that was founded in 1959 to produce and sell petrochemical products. They produce crude oil, natural gas, electricity as well as geothermal energy for consumers’ needs around the world.

Petro-Excel Sdn Bhd (PESB)

In 1999, Excel Supplies and Services were formed to provide quality products for the petrochemical industry. They quickly expanded into other markets such as oil, gas, electricity and electronic products with the help from their parent company Petronas.

The core business of PESB is to provide equipment for use in hazardous area environments. The company’s dedication to providing technical solutions for their clients. All products distributed by PESB come from overseas manufacturers and they maintain adequate supplies of these parts as well

The PESB service and maintenance department is a haven for those seeking experienced staff who are not only knowledgeable, but also have the dedication to do whatever it takes when needed!

Petro Teguh (M) Sdn. Bhd.

With strong roots in the downstream oil and gas sector, Petro Teguh offers a comprehensive range of products that covers distribution as well as supply for all your operations needs. The company’s core business is engaged in Mini Petrol stations.

Mini Pump Station Type:

  • Type A – 2 Gasoline and 1 Diesel
  • Type B – 1 Gasoline and 1 Diesel
  • Type C – 1 Only Gasoline SITE OFFICE


The leading oil and gas companies in Malaysia are Petronas, Petron, BHP Oil Petroleum and Shell. However, with the fuel price increase nowadays, you might want to know the difference between RON95 and RON97. Choosing the right fuel will help save your money and make your life better! Click here if you want to know how to improve your car fuel efficiency.

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