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Golfers Insurance? What...? Tell me more!

Whether you golf for business or leisure, there are inevitable risks in the game. You may injure other people on the greens (ouch!) or damage a public property due to a bad swing (oops), or your clubs may suffer from accidental damage in the course of play or practice.

Therefore, Golfers Insurance is every golfer’s peace of mind. It will take care of the mishaps that may happen in a game of golf.

Most insurance policies cover worldwide coverage (except USA and Canada), where else loss and damage to buggy can also be included. If you sink a hole in one, you get paid a “benefit” to celebrate with your mates at the club house. Everybody wins!


Okay you''ve intrigued me enough...how much should I pay for this insurance!

Most policies ranges from RM70 – RM200 depending on the benefits that you place most importance on.

Thankfully, there are many golfers insurance suitable for various needs and budgets.

  • Domestic Travel

If you are not planning to travel beyond Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei for golf, then Kurnia’s Golfers insurance will be the most value for money for you.

At just RM73.60, you are provided RM1,500,000 Public Liability benefit in the event that you accidentally hurt someone or some property, including legal costs and expenses. In the event that you pass on or suffer from a permanent disability due to an accident, your benefit goes up to RM150,000.

To name more benefits - you may claim for medical expenses (with excess of RM200) of up to RM2,500 on a reimbursement basis, corrective dental expenses of up to RM5,000 on a reimbursement basis, and funeral expenses of up to RM2,000. In fact, your caddy gets covered if anything happens to him/her too!

  • Protecting your expensive clubs

Even careful golfers can lose or damage their prized possessions. If that’s your major concern, then MSIG Golfer will be the perfect fit for you. It offers the highest benefit of RM4,000, against the loss of or damage to your golf equipments, golf clubs, balls, bags, shoes, caddie cars/buggies. Maximum limit per club is also the highest at RM1,000 per club. Premium per year for MSIG Golfer Plan 1 is only RM127.00.

MSIG accepts golfers until 70 years old, the highest maximum entry age compared to other companies!

  • Family package plan

If your family plays golf together, then for as little as RM113.42, you may cover your spouse and children with Allianz’s Golf Master. Coverage includes Public Liability benefit of up to RM250,000 and Personal Accident benefit of RM25,000. Do note that the maximum entry age for this product is 60 years old.

  • Buggy cover

Tokio Marine’s Golfer General Insurance covers against loss of or damage to the buggy whilst in the care, custody and control of you, within the premises of the golf club amongst other benefits, at only RM93.28.


Humour me more about Golfers Insurance!

  1. The concept of hole in one insurance may baffle the uninitiated, but to many it is a wise precaution as golf tradition holds that anyone who scores a hole in one should buy drinks back at the clubhouse for his playing group — if not everyone present.

  2. There are more than 200 golf facilities around Malaysia, found high in the mountains, along the seashore, on tropical islands, amidst towering rain forests and in the heart of the cities. Talk about spoilt for choice when it comes to playing the game!


Interested in purchasing these products? Let us know and we will help you!

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