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Comprehensive Medical Card

The most affordable standalone medical card in town!

PolicyStreet is willing to vouch that SmartMedi 2.0, Standard FA’s first co-brand white label product with Pathlab Health Management Sdn Bhd and underwritten by Lonpac, is the most competitive in the market. It is uniquely positioned as a 3 Generations (3G) family plan as it is the only family plan that can be extended to parents and parents in law, beyond your nucleus family. Now, everyone gets to experience the best health protection regardless of any age!

SmartMedi is generous to not limit your room and board to specific number a days a year if you are required to put up in the hospital. That’s right, unlimited days for both normal ward and ICU, so you can have the best chance at recovery. These days, private room and board in a private hospital in KL could set you back by RM350 per night, which won’t be an issue since SmartMedi 2.0 packages has a minimum RM350 room and board.

You’d enjoy unlimited lifetime coverage and unlimited yearly coverage – that’s right. You may claim for hospitalization and surgical costs as necessary.

As we know, medical inflation is a real phenomenon, and to keep up with the inflation, SmartMedi 2.0 automatically upgrades both road and board and annual limit by 10% every 3 years.

To encourage everyone to be proactive in taking care of our health, SmartMedi 2.0 includes a complementary comprehensive health screening test, which includes cancer markers.

How much?

For the main policyholder, a 30 year old can enjoy the 350 Plan by forking out just an annual premium of RM1,462.20 in full payment, which translates to about RM121.85 per month. If customers decide to use easy payment system, the monthly premium will translate to about RM133.51 due to bank charges.

What are some other considerations regarding a medical card?

The medical policy provided by some companies to their employees as part of their employment benefits package may not be comprehensive enough to cover all costs – make sure you check your benefits, otherwise, consider getting a private medical card of your own.

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