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Diabetes Care

What is Mellita Diabetes Care?

If you or your family members belong to either Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or as Pre-DM with a HbA1c index of greater than 5.7% individuals, this product is for you.

Mellita Care is a pure protection life insurance yearly plan with specified Critical Illness (CI) that is tailored for diabetics. Renewal premiums are paid annually for every renewable policy term of agreed years. It is designed for Type II Diabetes Mellitus patients or pre-diabetics with blood sugar levels (HbA1c) of greater than 5.7% and are aged between 30-60 years, with a renewable option up to 70 years of age. Therefore, the possibilities of getting covered are now open for 90% of Type II diabetics.

Under its three plans, Standard, Select and Elite, Mellita Care provides protection against serious diabetic complications and other major illnesses. A lump sum accelerated benefit is paid out upon death or when a policyholder is diagnosed with early stage diabetic complications or a critical illness as outlined in the policy.

For Standard, the Death Benefit is USD$50,000, Select is USD$100,000, and Elite is USD$200,000.

How much?

Get a comprehensive coverage from as low as annual premium of USD$930.

2 unique things you’d need to know!

  1. The first of its kind in the ASEAN market, Mellita Care is a new and innovative product for diabetics that accepts those substandard life risks who are normally unable to find insurance coverage.

  2. It will reward you for staying healthy by providing you with renewal discounts that lead to reduced premiums.

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