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Personal Accident

What is a Personal Accident?

Personal Accident Insurance or PA insurance is an annual policy which provides compensation in the event of personal injuries, from broken bones to other more serious injuries, some of which could cause death. It also includes some psychological injuries or illnesses. Some examples of personal injuries include:

- Injury sustained at work, or work-related illnesses, psychological illness caused by such physical injuries

- Injury in a road accident

- Injury resulting from the supply of faulty goods or services

- Injury even if you trip over an uneven pavement, or a tree falls down on you. 

- Injury caused by errors in hospital treatment or by vaccinations


What if I have a Term Life and a Medical Card already. I wouldn't need a PA insurance right?

A Term Plan only helps in the event of death and total permanent disablement and a Medical Plan helps in case one is hospitalized. Personal Accident also pays out in the event of temporary or partial disablement, of which life insurance does not cover, hence can act as a complimentary cover.


What is considered an "accident" in a personal accident insurance?

Perhaps a scenario would provide better understanding. Puan Eliza felt pain in her back after doing 3 hours of housework and thought she had accidentally sprained her back through adopting an incorrect posture. She then contacted her doctor then filed a claim with her insurance company for personal accident medical expenses. However, it was rejected by her insurer. Why is that so?

Puan Eliza's injury did not fulfill the definition of "bodily injury". Bodily injury means bodily injury caused solely and directly from

1. accidental external violent and visible means

2. independent of any other cause and not by sickness, disease or gradual physical or mental wear and tear.

As there is no element of accidental external violent and visible means in Puan Eliza's case, she was unable to claim.


I see. How much does it cost?

Personal accident is one of the most affordable plans one can get – the premiums are usually laughably low! With personal accident cover, you pay a yearly premium which usually remains the same at renewal. Unlike other insurance policies, the premium of a personal accident insurance doesn’t depend on the age of the person, you merely need to provide your profession, to determine the risk level of your daily activities. 


What is excluded?

Most of the policies do not cover death or injury caused by the following events: war, suicide and insanity, self-inflicted injury, any form of disease or AIDS, provoked murder or assault or committing or attempting to commit any unlawful act.

Also, ensure that the disability is specified so that no discrepancies arise at the time of claim.


PA Facts! Give it to me!

  1. Do look out for family plans, if your intention is to get your whole family covered!

  2. Most personal accident pays double the payout if you pass on overseas.

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