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I play a lot of sports. Is this the insurance I am looking for?

MSIG's Sports Personal Accident Insurance plan is specifically designed for active people. From marathon to white water rafting and bungee jumping, we can ensure that you're properly covered.

Covers against accidental death, convalescence allowance, medical expenses, personal liability, loss or damage to sports equipment, loss or damage to personal effects, and search and rescue expenses.

All popular sports including outdoor/indoor sports, water sports, winter sports are included.


I'm guessing it would be expensive :S

You're not right there! Coverage of RM50,000 for RM95.40 and RM 100,000 for RM159.00. Absolutely affordable!


So what is excluded in a Sports Insurance?

1. Professional sports, racing involving the use of mechanically powered driven vehicles and/or craft or trial of speed or reliability

2, Boxing or wrestling

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