Affin Hwang Share Trading

About Affin Hwang

Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad (AHIBB) is not a stranger to investors or potential investors in Malaysia since its establishment in 1970. They have won multiple awards and are recognised as one of the biggest names in the capital market of Malaysia, and this is justifiable as they hold the largest listed securities on Bursa Malaysia and global exchanges.

What is share trading?

You can trade shares in Malaysia using funds from your account if you have a Share Trading (Cash Account). Traders’ accounts are regulated because they often buy and sell assets, usually inside the same trading session. A trading account’s assets are maintained separately from those held under a long-term purchase and hold strategy.

What is the share trading platform offered by Affin Hwang?

Affin Hwang offers eInvest Go, an online share trading platform to empower investors to trade shares they prefer, whether listed on Bursa Malaysia or the global market.

Why should I choose Affin Hwang?

  • Low brokerage fee
    Starts from RM5.
  • Fast approval
    Your application can get approved within 1 business day.
  • Easy to use
    User-friendly apps that can be used on the go (available for desktop and mobile phone on Google Play Store and App Store).
  • Free Premium Stock Screener
    This tool helps to search and filter stocks according to their performance.

Who can open an Affin Hwang share trading account?

Any individual who is 18 years old and above is welcome to open Affin Hwang share trading account.

What is the minimum purchase for Affin Hwang share trading account?

The minimum amount is RM50 or 1% of the cash available on the account.

What are the fees of the Affin Hwang share trading account?

  • Brokerage fees
    RM5 (Contracts below RM9,999.99) | 0.08% (Contracts between RM10,000.00 to RM99,999.99) | 0.05% (Contracts equal to or above RM100,000.00)*
  • Transaction fees
    RM1.50 stamp duty for every RM1,000
  • Clearing fees
    0.03% from transaction value

*As of 4 March 2022

What is the process of opening the Affin Hwang share trading account?

  1. Open CDS account
  2. Provide these documents:
    • Copy of front and back of NRIC/ passport
    • Copy of latest 1 month bank statement
  3. Visit here to register eInvest Go trading account

Your application will be processed within 1-2 business days.

How do I contact Affin Hwang?

You can fill in this form, and they will contact you right away, or you can contact them through WhatsApp at +601165085288 or call them at +60321771333.