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Terms of Use

These are some basic guidelines on using PolicyStreet

These guidelines protect you as a user and our vision to offer insurance for everything that matters most to you, in a simpler, easier and more affordable manner.


As a user of PolicyStreet, you may:

  • Learn about the many insurance products available in the market in an easy-to-understand language
  • Stay in touch by subscribing to PolicyStreet updates
  • Start a chat if you have any questions about using PolicyStreet
  • “Buy Online Now” to obtain instantly on web
  • “Purchase Offline Now” to obtain through our friendly agents and advisors
  • “Express Your Interest” to join a community looking for unique insurance
  • Visit PolicyStreet dashboard to gain rewards by obtaining insurance through our platform or telling your friends about us
  • Chat with us if you have any questions about using PolicyStreet, our contacts can be also be found in About Us
  • Find details on how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy
  • Find details on how we handle copyright below


We evolve to make insurance fresh and relevant

PolicyStreet (“we”, “us”) may from time to time change the contents of this website (including

these legal notices) without notice. Your use of the website means that you accept these terms

and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you should immediately cease using the website.


This is our liability disclaimer

Although great care has been taken to ensure the reliability of any statements of opinion or information provided by PolicyStreet, PolicyStreet gives no warranty in relation to statements and information contained in the website and subject to the following paragraph, disclaims all liability to the fullest extent possible arising from any persons acting on the information and statements contained therein. PolicyStreet assumes no responsibility or obligation to provide updates on any published statement or report.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be construed to exclude, restrict or modify any guarantee applicable to a consumer that may apply under the Consumer Protection Act 1999 and Competition Act 2010. Where a consumer guarantee is not able to be excluded, PolicyStreet’s liability shall be limited at its sole discretion, to supplying the service again, or payment of the costs of having the service supplied again. Subject to the foregoing, PolicyStreet shall have no liability to any user of its website or the information on it, for any reason.


About Copyright and Links

This website is owned by PolicyStreet and subject to copyright. This website may also contain third party supplied material that is subject to copyright. PolicyStreet takes no responsibility for the use of information provided on this website. Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1987, you may not reproduce, transmit, disseminate, sell, or publish information on this website without prior written permission from PolicyStreet, provided that you may use the information for your private or internal purposes. Reference to any products, services or other information, by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of them by PolicyStreet, and does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of PolicyStreet by the respective trademark owner. This website may contain links to other websites. Such links do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any material on those linked websites or any third party products and services offered by, from or through those sites.


We want the HD experience for you

To ensure the best browsing experience, we suggest you download the latest version of Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


We seek to demystify insurance, but we do not provide advice or recommendation

To the extent that any PolicyStreet data, ratings or commentary constitutes general information, this information has been prepared by PolicyStreet and does not take into account your individual investment objectives, financial circumstances or needs. Information provided on and available from this site does not constitute financial, taxation or other professional advice and should not be relied upon as such.


Our service to you

PolicyStreet’s website allows users to click on a range of content for information and complete a questionnaire or quotation.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions you must immediately stop use of our service.


If you choose to use our service, you agree with PolicyStreet that:

  1. we are referring you to suitable insurance company partners, friendly agents or advisors for further information and successful purchase of the financial product or service;
  2. we would ask you to provide some information in a quotation/questionnaire before you are referred to our insurance company partners, friendly agents or advisors. If you choose to provide that information, it will be dealt with in accordance with these terms and conditions;
  3. by clicking an action button (for example “Buy Online Now”, Purchase Offline Now”, “Express Your Interest”), by proceeding to obtain a firm quote or by completing and submitting an application, in all cases you consent to us providing your personal information and other details in the online form to our insurance company partner or friendly agent or advisor for the purpose of they provide you with more information about a particular financial product or service;
  4. the agents or advisors are not our employee, therefore we will have no liability to you in relation to your dealings with these agents or advisors including any advice it may make outside of PolicyStreet;
  5. we make no hard recommendation to you about the skills, expertise or suitability of the insurance company partners, agents and advisors for your purposes. You should consider seeking prior to proceeding Product Disclosure Statement relating to the product you are interested in should be obtained and considered before making any decision about whether to acquire the product.
  6. you have read and accept the terms of PolicyStreet Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These terms limit your ability to make a claim against PolicyStreet;
  7. “We” and “us” means PolicyStreet