The Truth About BJAK’s “Free” Road Tax Offer: Is It Really Free?

When it comes to the convenience of renewing road tax and car insurance online, BJAK is often the common choice for many Malaysians.

However, underneath BJAK’s seemingly generous offers lies a different reality.

Despite boasting millions of users and promoting the BJAK VIP Package and Free Road Tax program, recent controversies surrounding BJAK’s RM150 million worth of free road tax program have revealed a hidden truth. Customers, drawn in by the promise of “free”, are now discovering that BJAK’s offer comes with hidden rules, leading to feelings of deception and tons of negative reviews.


(source: Soya Cincau)


Negative comments flooding platforms like SoyaCincau’s Facebook account reveal widespread customer dissatisfaction and a sense of being misled.

In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of BJAK’s “free” road tax offer, dissecting the hidden rules and empowering consumers to make informed decisions.

What People Are Saying About BJAK


Screenshot of people complaining about BJAK lying over giving free road tax.
(source: Soya Cincau’s Facebook)


(source: Soya Cincau’s Facebook)


Screenshot of people complaining about BJAK lying over giving free road tax.
(source: Soya Cincau’s Facebook)


“Haren Mohanraj and it’s not totally free roadtax. You only get RM 90 + RM 30 (after refer successful), so basically if your roadtax RM 200 so you only can get RM 120 off only. So which part that said the free roadtax… Promo scam” – Ryhan Al-Amin

“I ban Bijak… found out that they always try to undervalued your coverage and will cause issue if you involve in accident” – Kesana Kesini

“This happen to me few years back. They claim to be the cheapest. I go to certain car insurance provider and show them direct insurance provider cheaper. They tulan say I ask no heart renew with them and ask only.” – Jason Lim Chi Shern

While BJAK advertises a “free” road tax, it’s essential to note that the program has a ceiling limit of RM90 for road tax. If your road tax exceeds this amount, you’ll need to cover the price difference. Therefore, it’s evident that the road tax isn’t entirely free, as initially implied.

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The Hidden Rules

In order for you to enjoy the free road tax, you’re required to refer three friends to BJAK, who must be new customers without prior BJAK service subscriptions. Additionally, you must submit the referrals to the digital platform within a 7-day timeframe. This leads to confusion among users. As a significant player in the car insurance industry, we believe in transparency. Companies should provide clear information to the public without leaving room for confusion or misinterpretation.


(source: Soya Cincau)


(source: Soya Cincau)


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  1. Guaranteed Transparency: At PolicyStreet, we prioritise transparency above all else. We assure you that you won’t encounter any scams or hidden charges when dealing with us.
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However, if you ever encounter any issues or have any feedback, we encourage you to let us know. Your feedback helps us improve and serve you better.


Trust is key when it comes to car insurance. That’s why we want you to look closely at PolicyStreet and BJAK.

At PolicyStreet, we value transparency and integrity. Our free digital road tax handling fee offer is exactly what it says – free, with no hidden charges or tricks. As a licensed financial advisor approved by Bank Negara Malaysia, we ensure that our services meet stringent regulatory standards.

Now, let’s talk about BJAK and their reviews. While they may boast their own advantages, we urge you to scrutinise the fine print. Are their promises truly as transparent and genuine as they claim? We challenge you to compare PolicyStreet’s positive attributes with those of BJAK.

Renew your car insurance with PolicyStreet and see for yourself. Our FREE digital road tax handling fee is real, and we’re here to prove it. Join us in choosing transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction!



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