Windscreen Coverage: What You Need to Know

Understanding how to protect your vehicle goes beyond the basics, and one crucial but often overlooked aspect is windscreen coverage. This protection is designed just for your car’s windscreen.

To simplify things, we have compiled a complete guide to help you understand windscreen coverage.

What Is Windscreen Coverage?

Windscreen coverage is an add-on protection for your car’s windscreen, designed to cover the expenses associated with repairing or replacing your windscreen. It is an add-on to your existing car insurance policy, requiring an active comprehensive insurance plan for eligibility.

Why Windscreen Coverage Is Important

Your car’s windscreen is more prone to damage from objects on the road, like small stones or pebbles, especially when you are driving at higher speeds. The impact of road debris can lead to chips, cracks, or even complete breakage of the windscreen.

Windscreen repairs and replacements often come with a hefty price tag. Buying windscreen coverage functions as a valuable financial safety net during such circumstances.

In practical terms, if your windscreen gets damaged, this coverage eases the burden of repair or replacement costs. It guarantees that you can promptly address the issue without worrying about the financial strain it may impose.

What Windscreen Coverage Covers

Windscreen coverage covers the costs of repairing or replacing your damaged windscreen. This includes expenses incurred at panel workshops or repair facilities.

Parts of the windscreen that are covered:

  • front windscreen
  • rear windscreens
  • all door windows
  • sunroof

How Much Windscreen Coverage Costs

The cost of windscreen coverage varies. Typically, the additional premium you have to pay is 15% of the amount insured for your windscreen.


Amount insured for windscreen: RM1,000
Additional premium you have to pay: RM15

How to Buy Windscreen Coverage

Adding windscreen coverage to your existing car insurance is easy and can be done during the renewal process. Here are several ways to get this coverage:

  • Online: You will find an option to include this coverage when renewing your car insurance online on the insurer’s website.
  • Through agent: Agents often recommend adding windscreen coverage, but if not, feel free to ask. They may have already included it in your plan, or they can easily add it upon your request.
  • Post-office: For those who prefer a more traditional approach, a visit to the post office is just as effective. Simply ask the officer to add windscreen coverage to your existing car insurance, and they will take care of the rest.

Note: Did you know you can buy windscreen coverage even after purchasing your car insurance? As long as your car insurance policy is still valid, you have the flexibility to add it at any time. But remember that some insurers may request proof that your windscreen is undamaged as it is a precautionary measure to prevent fraud.

How to Claim for Windscreen Coverage

The claiming process is hassle-free in the unfortunate event of a damaged windscreen. The benefit of windscreen coverage is that if you visit an authorised repairer or panel workshop, they will handle your insurance claim directly with your insurer. Additionally, you will not need to make any payment, as your windscreen coverage will cover the costs of repairs or replacements.

Steps to file for claim:

  1. Compile evidence (pictures, videos, etc.)
  2. Notify your insurer as soon as possible
  3. Send your car to an authorised repairer or panel workshop
  4. Lodge a police report (if applicable)
  5. Submit the required documents to your repairer / insurer

Required documents to file for claim:

  1. Car insurance cover note
  2. Copy of NRIC of the insured
  3. Copy of driving licence of the insured
  4. Copy of Vehicle Registration Card
  5. Original copy of police report (if applicable)

Where Can I Get My Windscreen Repaired or Replaced?

You can get your windscreen replaced at your insurer’s authorised repairers or panel workshops. You can get the list from your insurer.

How Many Windscreen Coverage Claims Are Allowed?

Most of the time, you are typically limited to a one-time claim. However, there are instances where multiple claims can be made.

Example 1:

Imagine A parks his car, and out of the blue, a flower pot falls onto his car, shattering his windscreen. With the entire windscreen damaged, a replacement is needed.

Amount insured for windscreen: RM1,000
Cost of replacement: RM950

Verdict: A’s remaining balance is RM50, which falls short if he needs to file another claim. In this case, he can only claim once.

Example 2:

Now, consider B speeding on the highway, colliding with rocks that cause a minor crack on her windscreen without affecting its overall functionality. In this instance, a replacement is not necessary as a repair for the minor crack suffices.

Amount insured for windscreen: RM1,000
Cost of repair: RM200

Verdict: B retains a balance of RM800, making her eligible for future claims, whether for repair or replacement.

Does Claiming for Windscreen Coverage Affect NCD?

One of the benefits of windscreen coverage is that claiming for repairs or replacements does not impact your No-Claim Discount (NCD). Your NCD remains intact, allowing you to continue enjoying reduced premiums.

Can You Claim for Windscreen Damage Without Windscreen Coverage?

Yes, you have the option to claim for windscreen damage even if you did not purchase windscreen coverage. How? Make a claim against your existing car insurance policy. It is also important to note that when you do this, your NCD resets for the next renewal.

If you have already accumulated a good amount of NCD, this reset can be a significant loss. It means you are back to square one, and for many, this loss might outweigh the cost of getting windscreen coverage in the first place.

So, while you can make a claim without specific windscreen coverage, it is worth considering the potential impact on your NCD and the long-term costs involved.


To sum up, given the susceptibility of your car’s windscreen to damage, buying windscreen coverage is a wise choice. This choice not only ensures financial security but also preserves your NCD, granting you peace of mind while being on the road.

At PolicyStreet, we provide 2 affordable windscreen protection options starting from RM30 per year:

  1. For windscreen damage due to snatch theft, you can claim a lump sum of RM300.
  2. For windscreen replacement due to falling objects from a high-rise, you can claim up to RM300.

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