Employee Benefits in Malaysia

Restructure your employee benefits plan and manage the costs.

Customise your employee welfare based on your business needs and budget.

Restructure your employee benefits plan and manage the costs.

Customise your employee welfare based on your business needs and budget.

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Maximum Protection, Minimum Cost

Protect your employees with our complete suite of employee benefits from RM30 per month, per person.

High Annual Limit for Your Employees

Our employee benefits plans provide coverage of up to RM300,000/ person even for pre-existing conditions.

Flexible & Widest Range of Protection Options

Working with over 30 insurers in Malaysia, we can customise the best plan for your company.

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FAQs about Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Insurance is the addition to an employee’s salary, which is usually not in the form of salary. It is sometimes referred to as “non-wage compensation”.

These are the types of Employee Benefits that are usually offered to employees:

  • Personal leave
  • Sick leave
  • Paid leave
  • Childcare
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental / optical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Stock option
  • Skills development
  • Company vacation
  • Awards

These are the most crucial things to ask your insurer before deciding to purchase employee benefits for your employees:

  • What does your plan provide?
  • What illness/ injury does your plan cover?
  • How is the claim process?
  • How long is the waiting period?
  • What are the panel hospitals/ clinics?
  • Is your plan on reimbursement or a cashless basis?
  • Can your employee add their spouse and/ or children to the plan?

Some insurers cover GP visits in their plan, some do not. But do not worry, there are companies that offer stand-alone outpatient treatment coverage plans that also cover GP visits.

Generally, there are two ways that Employee Benefits pays for medical bills (depending on your plan): Cashless or reimbursement basis.

A cashless basis lets your employees flaunt their medical card, along with the Guarantee Letter and they are good to go! But on a reimbursement basis, there are some steps to be taken after they are discharged:

Step 1:

  • Provide the documents needed
  • A copy of the insured’s NRIC
  • Medical report
  • Original medical bills and receipts
  • Diagnostic report

Step 2: Complete the claim form on your insurer’s website

Step 3: Submit claim form within 30 days of discharge

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Our team of specialists will help restructure your protection plan according to your business needs and budget; and we work with you throughout the process.

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