Is Your Road Tax Still Alive?

Motor Vehicle license or also known as road tax is a tax paid by the vehicle owners so that they are able to use the road in a good condition. Depending on the type of vehicle, the tax amount varies depending on the vehicle types, specifications, registration, location, ownership type, and vehicle purposes. In Malaysia, this tax is paid on an annual basis.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, it was announced by the road transport department (JPJ) that car owners who haven’t renew driving licence, vocational license, and road tax during the MCO, FMCO period, etc. are allowed to drive without worrying about their status until September 30, 2021.

However, up until last month, the transport ministry has recently announced they have decided to extend the moratorium to renew Motor Vehicle license and Driving license until the end of the year. This means you still have a few weeks left to renew both your road tax and driving license.

In the meantime, best ensure that your car insurance is not expired yet, and to be safe display your insurance e-cover note in the car in case you are stuck in a roadblock anywhere.

But What Happens If You Forgot To Renew Your Road Tax?

Did you know that you can be punished by the law if you are driving without a valid road tax and car insurance? In Malaysia, under the Road Transport Act 1987 you can be fined RM150 if your road tax and motor insurance are expired. On top of that if the expiry is more than 1 month you will be fined another RM150. Imagine that!

Besides expired road tax and car insurance these are other traffic offences examples based on Road Transport Act 1987 you shouldn’t commit while you are on the road:

Road Traffic Offenses In Malaysia

Example of Traffic Offences Compound Amount
Failure to follow the traffic lights when driving RM300
In possession or using an unregistered motor vehicles RM300
Using the emergency lane to cut queue to the left lane when instead you should use the right lane to cut RM300
Fail to provide a valid vocational license (expired driving license) RM150
Failure to submit your driving license and insurance certificates when requested RM150
Fail to follow directions and traffic signs when on the road RM150
Driving on the road divider RM150
Parking of goods and vehicles in the restricted area RM150
Failure to maintain vehicle in a good condition which also included serious technical offences on brake, steering wheels, and others RM150+
Fail to display the registration number plate or does not comply with the correct specifications RM100

As you can see these are examples of traffic offences and that can get you in trouble with the police officers. Make sure you pay the compound on time, as the more you procrastinate on paying the fines the more you might need to pay to the authorities.

Most importantly, it would be better to avoid all these traffic offences by following the road traffic rules and ensuring all your vehicle documents including your road tax and car insurance certificates are still valid.

What Is The Latest Price For Car Road Tax?

Not sure what the price is for your Car Road Tax? Fret not, we’ve got you covered for both West & East Malaysia. Below is the list of the road tax price based on the size of the engine.

Road Tax Price For Cars In West Malaysia

Engine Displacement (CC) Base Rate Progressive Rate (Per CC) Road Tax Price
1,000 and below RM20 RM20
1,001 – 1,200 RM55 RM55
1,201 – 1,400 RM70 RM70
1,401 – 1,600 RM90 RM90
1,601 – 1,800 RM200 RM0.40 RM200 – RM280
1,801 – 2,000 RM280 RM0.50 RM280 – RM380
2,001 – 2,500 RM380 RM1.00 RM381 – RM880
2,501 – 3,000 RM880 RM2.50 RM882 – RM2,130
3,001 and above RM2,130 RM4.00 RM2,134 +

Road Tax Price For Cars In East Malaysia

Engine Displacement (CC) Base Rate Progressive Rate (Per CC) Road Tax Price
1,000 and below RM20 RM20
1,001 – 1,200 RM44 RM44
1,201 – 1,400 RM56 RM56
1,401 – 1,600 RM72 RM72
1,601 – 1,800 RM160 RM0.32 RM160 – RM224
1,801 – 2,000 RM224 RM0.25 RM224 – RM274
2,001 – 2,500 RM274 RM0.50 RM274 – RM524
2,501 – 3,000 RM524 RM1.00 RM525 – RM1,024
3,001 and above RM1,024 RM1.35 RM1,025+

The reason why the price of road tax in East Malaysia is cheaper than in West, is because the infrastructure and the roads in Sabah and Sarawak are not the same as in Peninsular. In East Malaysia, it takes longer to travel from one place to another. Again, people prefer to take an all-wheel-drive (AWD) because they have a more powerful engine to navigate difficult terrain. This is why this type of vehicle is used for daily trips. According to JPJ, the cheapest road tax structure in Sabah and Sarawak is to address any existing loopholes.

Long Queue In The Post Office? Just Renew It Online!

Fun fact to keep in mind as of November 16th, 2021, around 3.78 million vehicles have yet to renew their road tax yet according to the JPJ. With that being said, don’t take your sweet time to renew your road tax, get it done before the month ends!

If you dislike the queue in Pos Malaysia or JPJ branches to renew your expired road tax you can always do it online when you renew your car insurance with us at Policystreet! All you need is to provide us with the necessary information and within 5 minutes you will receive quotes for your car insurance online. From there you can choose the best car insurance policy with the best features and price.

Below are the necessary information needed to renew your car insurance:

  1. Car Number
  2. Car Owner IC Number
  3. Residential Postcode
  4. Mobile Number (Make sure it’s contactable!)
  5. Email Address
  6. Marital Status (Single/ Married)

Once you renew your car insurance and road tax, we will deliver it to your doorsteps when the payment is completed.

The estimated arrival will be depending on your location. If you live in Klang Valley and other states in the Peninsular Malaysia area it will take from 2-3 working days, while in Sabah and Sarawak it will be within 5 days of working days.

Do take note during these pandemic times, MCO period the road tax delivery may have a slight delay.

What else are you waiting for, don’t delay much longer and start renewing your car insurance and road tax now!

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