6 Mistakes You SHOULD Avoid After Car Accident

Key Points

  1. Spend your time reporting the incident to the police instead of the car insurance company within 24 hours after the accident happened.
  2. The car insurance provider needs to be informed about any details of the accident or damage the driver may have caused.
  3. NEVER get away from an accident scene if you are involved in it.

After a car accident, there are many moments of confusion and panic as you try to remember what happened. The moments immediately following a car accident can be overwhelming, especially if you or another party has been injured.

The accident scene is a chaotic and confusing place. You might panic and forget about what should be done to protect you in the future after a car accident. Therefore, it’s a common mistake that many people make after an accident, which can jeopardize their future.

In this article, we will talk about mistakes that need to be avoided after being involved in a car accident.

What not to do after car accident

1. Reporting the accident to police late

A wrong concept that drivers should call their insurance company after getting into a car accident. However, instead of informing your car insurance company, spend your time reporting the incident to the police within 24 hours after it happened. The police should be notified if there is going to be any insurance claim filed for an accident.

If you’ve had an accident and need to file a police report, get started on the next business day. The officer will take your report even if it happens over the weekend! The insurance company may only accept your claim if you report the incident within this timeframe.

The other person in an accident may try to settle the matter personally without involving law enforcement. You must only agree to this as a settlement with the involvement of the police, as it is against the law and can result in more problems.

You can delay reporting to the police if there is a valid reason like being hospitalized or receiving treatment for your injuries.

2. Forgetting to take pictures

The most important thing to do after a car accident is to capture the scene. Cell phone cameras are common nowadays. So you can easily take pictures of your damaged vehicle and other evidence.

However, drivers must remember to take essential pictures after a car accident, which becomes an advantage when filing an insurance claim. The details of the scene are often just as important, and insurance providers will want to see them too. While filing a police report, pictures of the scene of the accident will be seen as proof.

3. Taking too long to file an insurance claim

The car insurance provider needs to be informed about any details of the accident or damage the driver may have. It doesn’t matter if it’s minor and regardless of whether there is anything wrong with your vehicle. They need this information so that they can process claims more quickly.

Failure to report an accident could increase your risk of a claim application being rejected. Usually, there is plenty enough time (7 days) for filing the proper paperwork and getting everything in order before any deadlines approach.

If you don’t tell your insurer about a car accident that is costly for repairs, you will need to handle the burden on your own. It would be a waste if you’d already purchased car insurance. If the third party files their claim against you without getting a notice from your insurance company, you could become liable for the other person’s damages.

4.Admitting fault

You may be confident that the accident was your fault, but admitting it to the police or an insurance company can create legal problems. If you start to apologize and it turns out there is more to what happened, your words will automatically mean nothing.

It would be best if you did not lie to the police about what happened, but other factors could have played a role in your crash. Admitting fault will prevent a further investigation, and you might lose the chance to know what is happening during the car accident.

5. Incomplete documentation

Specific requirements need to be met for your insurance claim acceptance. To ensure that your insurance claim is processed promptly and without further delays, you must provide the required supporting documents.

You should find proof if you want your insurance company to find in favour of the claim. Taking photos is essential to document your claim. Ensure you get shots of any damage and license plates involved in the accident!

To process your application, you will need the following documents too:

  1. Completed claim form
  2. Original copy of police report
  3. Copy of driver’s and policyholder’s identity card and driving license
  4. Copy of vehicle ownership certificate
  5. Photos of the accident scene and damages to the vehicle
  6. Police letter

6. Running away from the accident scene

When you realize an accident has occurred, your first reaction might be to panic and run away from the scene. Unless you want to get into more trouble, NEVER do so because it is essential for police to determine what happened to find out who is at fault.

Don’t move from the spot to avoid your claim being rejected. Instead, take pictures of the scene as proof for your insurance company. In the event of an accident, getting evidence helps you prove your innocence and make the claim process more straightforward. If necessary, get statements or testimonials from witnesses near where it happened to help authenticate any settlement claims.

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It can be hard to think clearly when you’re involved in a car accident. There are many moments when panic starts creeping up on us as we try to figure out what happened or why this terrible thing happened to us.

However, no matter how confused or panicked you are, you should always keep yourself calm, especially when a car accident is not that serious. Remember to take a picture of the accident scene as proof and prepare sufficient documentation if you need to apply for an insurance claim.

You should be aware not to run away from the accident scene and remember to report to the police and your insurance provider on time. Delaying on doing these tasks results in getting rejected on the claim.

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