Which Petrol is Better? RON95 or RON97?

Key Points

  1. The definition of RON (Research Octane Number).
  2. There are only slight differences between RON95 and RON97.
  3. Choosing the right petrol is more important than getting expensive petrol.

The choice of fuel for your car can have a significant impact on its performance and useful life. The right petrol will increase power and reduce emissions, which is essential to the environment!

What you put in your car significantly impacts its performance and how long it lasts. The right fuel can help save money by extending the vehicle’s life, while wrong choices could cost more than replacing them with new parts after they break down! There are many different grades of gasoline, with each grade having its own unique properties.

The fuel price is determined by supply and demand, with the market deciding the price. The war in Ukraine continues to escalate, and fuel prices are rising. For the week of May 12th to 18, fuel prices for RON95 will remain unchanged at RM2.05 per litre, whereas RON97 increased by 37 sen to RM4.31, making it costlier. This is a massive problem for RON 97 users, who will have to bear the burden.

The question on Malaysian minds nowadays is, ‘should I use RON 95 or 97’? This can be difficult since the two classes have different qualities, which you need to know before selecting. Here are some things to consider when deciding what kind of fuel will work best for your car and wallet!

What is RON?

The Research Octane Number, or RON, measures fuel quality and performance rating. RON determines the fuel’s ‘anti-knock’ quality or its resistance to pre-ignition. The higher the number, generally speaking, it will be better at resisting this behaviour and not explode when compression occurs in your engine’s cylinders during operation.

The higher the compression ratio, the more horsepower per unit weight, which makes an engine have “high performance.” Make sure you know what kind of petrol your car needs! It’s essential to use the right fuel with a high-enough octane rating.


A common misconception is that using RON97 will improve your engine performance. However, it’s essential to know that using RON97 for your vehicle does not necessarily give you more miles or better engine performance. This depends on the traffic conditions, how well a driver drives and what type of vehicles they drive.

Until now, no detailed study has shown that using RON97 will improve your engine performance and give you more mileage. However, one of the most effective ways to reduce fuel consumption is by reducing speed and accelerating more gradually.

The question on Malaysian minds these days is ‘should I use RON 95 or 97’? This can be a difficult choice since the two classes have different qualities which you need to know before making your selection. Here are some things to consider when deciding what kind of fuel will work best for your car and wallet!


High-compression engines require highly rated fuels like RON97 to provide optimal performance. High-compression fuel with a higher octane rating can benefit engine performance with an engine capacity of 2,500cc and above. If your vehicle does not have high-compression engines, RON95 will provide the same performance.

Unfortunately, the RON95 is not the best choice for high-performance engines. It will quickly explode under pressure and lose power. This is why you will never see Ferrari drivers refilling RON95 petrol.


If you consistently hear knocking from your engine, it might signal that your engine is in trouble and damaged. The main difference between RON97 and 95 is that RON97 will have higher resistance to knocking on higher pressures in a high-performance engine, which prevents knocking. At the same time, the RON95 is good but will still produce knocking if your car has powerful engines.

Another myth says RON97 will boost your engine performance and provide a cleaner engine. However, unless your car manufacturer has specifically asked you to use RON97 fuel for your vehicle, it will not actually rev up the performance or give an engine cleaner.


As a Malaysian, we are glad to have 18 oil rigs across Malaysian waters, and Shell has their second deep-water platform in Sabah. As mentioned above, the price of petrol fluctuates depending on supply and demand, which the market decides.

However, do you know why RON95 in our country is cheaper than in most other countries, while RON97 is expensive as usual? Well, thanks to our government’s generous fuel subsidy scheme. They subsidize RON95 petrol and diesel but did not subsidize RON97. This explains why the price of RON95 is fixed for an extended period, while the RON97 price keeps changing from time to time.

Environment friendly

A study showed that RON97 is more eco-friendly compared to RON95. With its high performance and efficiency, RON97 is the perfect fuel for all operating conditions. It also has the potential to be environmentally friendly as far as octane rating goes about energy production. This is because the RON97 will burn more completely if used on a high-performance engine.

However, it is good to check with your car manufacturer to decide which type of petrol is most suitable for your vehicle.

Should I mix both RON95 and RON97?

The car will not be harmed even if you mix both RON95 and RON97 fuels for your vehicle. Make sure they meet or exceed minimum RON levels required by engines if you wish that nothing bad happens. Although it is okay to mix up both RON95 and RON97, you should never mix up petrol and diesel (source: MyDunia).

Furthermore, you can mix up two petrol brands, which will not damage your vehicle. This is because petrol from different major brands is similar.


You should know that a higher RON isn’t always better; it depends mostly on your engine. We recommend refilling RON97 if you have a high-performance engine to maximize fuel efficiency, while RON95 for regular performance engine. However, consult your car manufacturer to confirm which petrol is better for your vehicle.

“A penny saved is a penny got.”
– Benjamin Franklin

The point is that unless your car’s engine requires explicitly RON97, there’s really no reason to spend more money on premium fuel. Especially when the price of RON97 is costly nowadays.

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