5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Insurance is Important in Malaysia

You’re riding your motorcycle along the highway with not much thoughts when all of sudden you see something up ahead that could ruin everything. It’s an officer stopping traffic and making everyone stop their vehicles right now! You realize that your motorcycle insurance is expired, what do you think the consequences will be?

Motorcycles are an exciting way to get around town, but they come with some risks. You need motorcycle insurance in case you hit something or someone gets hurt while riding your bike! Let us give you some insight on why having motorcycle insurance is VERY IMPORTANT in Malaysia.

1. Motorcycle insurance is legally required in Malaysia

In Malaysia, it doesn’t matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, even if it’s a Modenas Kriss or Ducatti, all motorcycles are required by law to have insurance! All motorcyclists must follow the Road Transport Act 1987 to get insurance for your car or motorcycle, and this needs to be renewed each year. It is required that you have at least liability insurance for your motorcycle, which can help cover damages if found at your fault.

The fine for riding a motorcycle without insurance is up to RM2000 or three months’ jail time or both under Section 90 of the Road Transport Act. Don’t bother giving duit kopi as you might get even heavier penalties from MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission).

2. Protect yourself and your family members

By getting comprehensive motorcycle insurance, the insurer could provide financial coverage for the loss of you and third parties if an accident happened. Some add-ons could help reimburse the loss of motorcycles due to natural disasters or riots.

Despite having more cars than motorcycles in Malaysia, the rate of motorcyclists getting into accidents are more often. Studies have shown that 68% of all road accident injuries and more than 50% death rates among motorcyclists.

3. Motorcycles have a higher chance getting stolen

It is very unfortunate that motorcycle theft is common in Malaysia. According to statistics provided from Insurance Services Malaysia, there are about 7,400 units of vehicles being stolen, while 54% of them are motorcycles. This showed that motorcycles are much easier to get stolen than other vehicles.

Thankfully, there’s comprehensive insurance for you when someone gets their hands on your bike and steals it. Your insurer will provide reimbursement for your loss and all you should do is to inform your insurer and follow the instructions given.

4. Reduce financial burden

Purchasing motorcycle insurance could help reduce your financial burden as a motorcyclist. This is because when things happen to your motorcycle or you accidentally hit someone, your insurer will cover it. Imagine if you were not covered by any insurance policy, the expenses on fixing your motorcycle will be high. You should think about the worst if you enroll in a hospital because of an accident. Who’s going to pay for your motorcycle?

This could lead to financial burden for you and your family, so why not purchase a motorcycle insurance policy to solve all these issues?

5. Provide protection for third parties

One of motorcycle insurance Malaysia ‘s primary purposes is protection against third-party damages. Every Malaysian motorcycle owner has an obligation to ensure that they have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage because should any other road user be injured or killed as a result of injuries sustained whilst riding your motorcycle, you’re liable to be arrested and charged under Section 42 of the Road Transport Act.

However, with the minimum motorcycle insurance, your insurer will provide full reimbursement to pay for the third party, so they will not suffer from the accident that was caused by your reckless behavior.

Just like we mentioned above, having motorcycle insurance is a part of responsibility as a motorcyclist in Malaysia. No matter which policy you bought, remember to drive safely and always think about the one who cares for you while riding. Click here to receive the best offer to get yourself motorcycle insurance.

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