Female Driver Protection+: Ensuring Safety and Security on the Road

In Malaysia, snatching thefts have reached alarming levels, causing significant concern among its citizens. A staggering 7-8 cases are reported daily in Kuala Lumpur alone, indicating how common this crime is becoming.

According to OSAC’s Malaysia 2020 Crime & Safety Report, snatch thefts, pickpocketing, and residential burglaries are among the country’s most prevalent crimes. Moreover, in a survey conducted by Allianz, Malaysians expressed a fear of becoming a victim of snatch theft as their biggest security concern.

What is Female Driver Protection+?

As more women take to the roads as drivers, their safety and security become paramount. PolicyStreet has introduced a thoughtfully designed product called Female Driver Protection+ to address the unique concerns and challenges female drivers face. This comprehensive package is designed with female drivers’ safety in mind, providing them with enhanced protection, financial support, and peace of mind.

What is covered under Female Driver Protection+?

  • Personal Accident Coverage
  • Get a payout of RM10,000 in the event of permanent disablement or death of the driver.

  • Snatch Theft Protection
    1. Get reimbursed with a lump sum of RM500 for lost cash and valuables.
    2. You will also receive a lump sum of RM300 to cover any windscreen and car windows damage due to snatch theft – added on top of your existing windscreen cover (if any).
  • Skin Injury Claims
  • Injured skin after a car accident? Claim up to RM500 with us.

  • FREE 24-Hour Emergency Helpline
  • We provide a dedicated helpline for you to request any roadside assistance services. We will provide the dedicated helpline number in your Cover Note.

  • FREE 24-Hour Emergency Towing Services
  • If your vehicle is immobilised due to a breakdown, you may call our 24-Hour dedicated helpline to request assistance. We will compensate for any towing surcharges for up to RM10,000.

  • FREE 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance & Repair Services
  • Our roadside assistance provider will organise minor repairs on-site, and we will cover the labour costs for minor repairs. However, the cost of replacement parts shall be borne by you.

Why you need Female Driver Protection+

  • Peace of mind for female drivers
  • Female Driver Protection+ is designed to empower and protect women on the road, providing them with the necessary support and peace of mind. With this coverage in place, female drivers can focus on their journey, knowing that they have reliable insurance backing them up every step of the way.

  • Financial relief
  • Snatch theft is a concerning issue many female drivers may encounter. This package offers financial support to alleviate the burden of losses resulting from snatch theft incidents. It compensates for stolen belongings, allowing female drivers to recover more quickly from such unfortunate incidents.

  • Emergency assistance
  • In times of emergencies, Female Driver Protection+ offers essential assistance to female drivers. Whether it is a breakdown, flat tire, or any other roadside issue, this package provides access to a 24-hour emergency helpline, towing services, and even minor repairs on the spot. With these services readily available, female drivers can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

  • Easy claim process
  • Filing an insurance claim can sometimes be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, we simplify the claims procedure, making it hassle-free for policyholders.

  • Affordable premiums
  • We understand the importance of affordability without compromising coverage. This package offers competitive premiums, at RM50, allowing you to obtain comprehensive protection for your vehicle at a reasonable cost.

Is it only available for female drivers?

Even though it is designed for female drivers, male drivers are welcome to purchase the package for themselves or women in their lives (but the person claiming must be the policyholder).

How to get Female Driver Protection+

You can get Female Driver Protection+ from PolicyStreet! Take advantage of this exclusive package by renewing your car insurance with us. With PolicyStreet, renewing your car insurance is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our website
  2. Fill up the required information
  3. Choose your preferred add-ons, including road tax renewal
  4. Pay and receive your policy through email or WhatsApp


Female Driver Protection+ is more than just car insurance. It is a tailored solution that prioritises women’s safety, security, and well-being on the road. With its various coverage, financial support against snatch theft, and emergency assistance, this package ensures that female drivers have the necessary protection and peace of mind while driving.

Safeguard your journey today and experience the difference of Female Driver Protection+.

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