Rider Safety on the Menu: foodpanda Malaysia and PolicyStreet Cooks Up Unmatched Protection for Riders

In celebration of Riders’ Appreciation Day, all foodpanda Malaysia delivery partners offered additional insurance benefits, among other recognitions.

Kuala Lumpur, 28 AUGUST 2023 — In serving the communities this Independence Day, foodpanda Malaysia partnered with insurtech company PolicyStreet to dish out improved financial security for the everyday heroes of Malaysia— the delivery partners. Complementing the on-the-job insurance coverage available to all foodpanda delivery partners since 2020, the new foodpanda Protect+ is a 24-hour, worldwide accident coverage for delivery riders and their families.

Currently the most affordable and holistic coverage in the market to date, the foodpanda Protect+ individual plan starts at only RM3 per month, or RM0.10 a day. The coverage includes permanent disability, accidental death, funeral expenses and compensation in the form of hospital income and Rider Support Benefits (Family Care+) in the event of hospitalisation.

Delivery partners can also extend the coverage to include their spouses and up to two children in the family plan, priced at RM6 per month with an add-on of RM1 for each subsequent child. For delivery partners who are single, the family plan also extends to cover their parents at the same rate.

Aimed at promoting financial security and inclusivity among delivery partners, foodpanda Protect+ is an extension of the existing embedded protection by foodpanda Malaysia and PolicyStreet. The partnership ensures holistic coverage, not only for accidental death or permanent disability up to RM100,000 while on the job, but also for delivery partners’ personal items, such as phones and personal belongings, in the event of accidents. The existing embedded protection is seamlessly offered to all delivery partners upon clocking in for duty, without any additional cost or effort required.

Shubham Saran, Head of Logistics, foodpanda Malaysia, said, “At the heart of foodpanda’s mission lies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of providing unparalleled care for our delivery partners, with their families in mind this time.

“We have been the trailblazers in the p-hailing industry to provide insurance coverage for delivery partners. There is no better day than today at the Rider Appreciation Day, for us to take another step forward to empower our delivery partners to safeguard the well-being of their loved ones through foodpanda Protect+, which now extends beyond their professional endeavours,” he said.

The Rider Appreciation Day event held at the foodpanda office in Bangsar South was attended by more than 50 foodpanda top performing delivery partners as well as the company’s senior management. The event is expected to be replicated at four other rider hubs in Kuantan, Johor, Sabah and Penang to include delivery partners from all over the country in the celebrations.

Also, in attendance at the Riders’ Appreciation Day was the PolicyStreet team, who offered a complimentary one-month coverage of foodpanda Protect+ to all the top-performing delivery partners. The PolicyStreet team also demonstrated the ease of insurance claims through the Gig Workers’ Claims Platform, whereby delivery partners and their families can monitor coverage and manage claims anytime, anywhere through the intuitive, mobile-first platform.

Wilson Beh, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PolicyStreet said, “We are delighted to continue our long-standing partnership with foodpanda Malaysia in protecting the backbone of the gig economy, the dedicated delivery riders. With the introduction of foodpanda Protect+, we aim to not only move the needle in promoting financial inclusivity, but we hope to truly make a difference in the lives of each individual delivery partner who are working tirelessly, rain or shine, to deliver our favourite meals.

“The successful collaboration in developing foodpanda Protect+ is a testament to our commitment to making insurance accessible to all, and we are thrilled to deepen our partnership with foodpanda to make this vision a reality,” he said.

In addition to the enhancement of the insurance protection for foodpanda’s delivery partners, the platform held an engagement session with them to gather feedback on improving the riders’ experience when making their deliveries from merchant partners to customers.

“It is important that we build a community and a circle of trust with our delivery partners. Whether they deliver for foodpanda full-time or just a few hours each week to supplement their income, we want to ensure that they have a pleasant experience each time they take to the streets on our behalf,” Shubham said.

He added that updates are continually made to the rider app for a smoother experience and that a rewards system was recently launched where points can be redeemed for exclusive rider merchandise.

To mark the culmination of this event, six riders were rewarded for their exceptional performance in various categories, including those with the longest tenure and most engagement on social media.

For more information on the full suite of benefits for foodpanda’s delivery partners and to sign up for foodpanda Protect+, please visit Pandariders.

PolicyStreet is licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority, Bank Negara Malaysia and Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

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