10 Expensive Traffic Offences In Malaysia That You Didn’t Know

Did you know that you can get fines if you run through your red lights? Or speeding, or even when you dangerously overtake other vehicles? You will be surprised that not many people know that some of these traffic offences can get you in trouble. On top of that, you will be charged

Let’s take a look into 10 most expensive traffic offences in Malaysia:

1. Driving, Parking in the emergency lane

We often see some people misusing the emergency lane in the highway for their own interest, especially during traffic congestion hours, and even holiday seasons. However, emergency lanes in highways are only to be used for emergency purposes. For example, when ambulances, police officers are driving to go to certain emergencies that involve a life threatening situation.

What will happen if you use the emergency lane for your own interest? You are risking other people’s life when the ambulance, or other authorities can’t attend to the emergency situation on time. On top of that you will also need to pay expensive summons.

Summon Amount: RM300

2. Speeding

Speeding traffic offences are considered as another common traffic offence, however most people seem to not be aware of the highway and road speed limit displayed in the road signs. If they are aware they usually take these speed limits’ signs lightly. Which is bad, because due to their selfishness, many lives have been lost in fatal accidents.

Summon Amount: RM300

3. Enter one way street

When driving you need to pay attention to the road signs, whether it’s a one-way road or a do not enter sign. Failure to follow these signs, will lead you to be fined up to RM300.

Summon Amount: RM300

4. Sleeping or inattentiveness while driving

One of the main causes of fatal accidents are due to some drivers accidentally sleeping, or not paying attention when driving. If you had a long day after work, or feeling tired due to the long drive, pull over to the nearest R&R, gas stations and recharge yourself before moving again.

Summon Amount: RM300

5. Vehicle having too many people

Interesting traffic offence that most people do not know is that, if you carry more people than your car’s capacity limit you can be fined for it. So when you are carpooling or traveling together make sure not to overload the car with too many items and people as it can block your car’s rear view mirror which can lead to accidents and also getting fined by the police.

Summon Amount: RM300

6. Drive through the red traffic lights

This is one of the most common traffic offences that people tend to ignore, despite it being the most expensive ones. This traffic offence that drivers often ignored, had also contributed to the high rates of fatal accidents. It’s even more dangerous when drivers tend to accelerate because they want to chase the red lights. If you are caught for chasing the red lights, you will be receiving a hefty fine from the police.

Summon Amount: RM300

7. Not displaying licence plate

Whether your car plate is missing, or dropped somewhere when you are driving. If you fail to display the car licence plate at the front or back of the car, you will get a traffic summons up to RM300 by the police or JPJ officer.

Summon Amount: RM300

8. Using mobile phones or other smart devices while driving

Using your mobile phone or other electronic devices when driving can lead to traffic accidents. Make sure to use any car accessories for your phone to minimise phone usage when driving.

Summon Amount: RM300

9. Not wearing seat belts

This is one of the traffic offences that most people don’t know that is considered as a serious offence according to the authorities. This is because when you are not adhering to the basic safety guidelines when driving, you are endangering yourself and others in the car. On top of that, you will also have to pay an expensive fine if you are caught by the police.

Summon Amount: RM300

10. Drunk driving

The most serious traffic violations that a driver shouldn’t do. Yet, we have seen so many cases of accidents caused by drunk drivers. Not only that this will cause harm to the driver, it can also lead to them putting other drivers at risk, when they drive irresponsible. If you plan to drink alcohol for the night, either take a Grab home or ask your friend to send you back. Driving under the influence is not worth risking your life or your wallet.

Summon Amount: RM300

Where Can I Check My Traffic Summons?

With the current technology, it’s easier to check your traffic summons online. These are some of the ways you can check:

  1. Check via MyBayar Saman Portal
  2. Check through SMS
  3. Check JPJ’s official website
  4. Check RILEK ak “Rangkaian Interaktif Laman Elektronik Kerajaan”
  5. Check via PDRM Online Review System (SSO)

With all of these online accesses you can use to check your traffic summons, there’s no excuse of not knowing how many summons you have to pay for.

Don’t delay paying your traffic summons, the consequences will lead you to pay more. And by the time you realise it, you need to pay a huge outstanding amount of traffic summons.

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