Takaful Malaysia Car Insurance

Their company is one of the leading Takaful operators in Malaysia, with a reputation for providing customers with financial strength and risk management expertise. They have grown consistently over time to meet customer needs while also maintaining profitability – all at an affordable price! This enabled their company to provide high returns to their valued shareholders.


Takaful myClick Motor

    • 0% Interest Instalment Plan

Pay more than RM500 and you receive zero percent instalment for six months? That’s a great offer!

    • Comprehensive cover for your vehicle

They will protect you from the financial consequences of accidents, fires, and thefts, as well as third party losses and damages.

    • Complimentary Personal Accident coverage for you and your passengers

You can finally get peace of mind with their complimentary Personal Accident coverage. You and your loved ones are covered for up to RM15,000 each!

    • No extra costs for additional drivers

All drivers will be given the right coverage at no extra cost and you don’t even need to provide their names.

    • Cashback for no claims

That’s right, they’ll reward you with cash just as soon as you go through your coverage period without having to file any insurance claims!

    • 24/7 roadside assistance program

With their 24/7 Tele Bantuan Program, we’re here to help you out with your breakdowns, no matter the distance! We’ll come and tow up as long as it’s within 50 kilometers.

    • 6 months repair warranty

Don’t worry about your car – let their panel repairers take care of it. You can enjoy 6-months warranty for workmanship repairs!

    • Pay and collect points with 8excite

Collect Excite Points when you enroll online. Click here to learn more.

    • Amazing online discount just for you!

Enjoy a 10% discount when you enroll online!


    • Cover for Windscreens, Windows, and Sunroof

In the event that you unintentionally damage your car’s windscreen, windows, or sunroof, this protection plan will cover it. It also covers any lamination/tinting film (if applicable).

    • Motor PA Plus

Your complimentary personal accident cover provides you with additional coverage for the driver and passengers travelling in your vehicle against death or permanent disablement due to a road accident, as well unlimited breakdown tows up to 50km. This benefit is payable on top of the Complimentary Personal Accident coverage which comes at RM15,000 per person!

    • Inclusions of Special Perils

Your vehicle is protected against loss or damage caused by natural perils, such as floods, storms, and earthquakes.

    • Towing and Cleaning due to Water Damage

In the event your vehicle sustains water damage due to flooding, flash flood, or anything else that requires a tow and clean-up, this benefit will cover it. You can only claim one time during the coverage period for any given incident.

    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

In case you have been unfortunate enough to suffer damage from a car accident, this benefit will compensate for the time required for repairs as assessed by your insurer (up to 21 days x RM200).

    • Key Replacement

Through this benefit, you can get up to 80% reimbursement for the cost of replacing your car’s lost key. The max amount is determined by what you choose from a list of pre-selected amounts and only applies once during coverage period

    • Legal Liability to Passengers

This benefit will help you avoid any legal liabilities for death or bodily injuries that may be caused by your negligence while driving.

    • Legal Liability of Passengers

This benefit ensures that you are protected from the legalities of negligence on behalf of your passengers. If they cause death or bodily injury to someone else, their personal injuries will be taken care of by Takaful!

    • Strike, Riot, & Civil Commotion

You can protect your vehicle from loss or damage caused by a strike, riot, or disturbance of public peace.

Takaful myClick Motor FlexiSaver

    • Comprehensive cover for your vehicle

Full year cover for loss or damage to your vehicle from fire, theft, and third party bodily injury.

    • Pay As You Drive daily cover

Automatically protect your car daily against accidental damage when you activate Pay As You Drive daily cover! As an added bonus, we offer personal accident cover for you and your passengers with Pay As You Drive daily policy.

    • Free Coverage for All Drivers

All authorized drivers are automatically covered and no nomination is required.

    • Unlimited towing service

With our unlimited towing service, you can tow up to 50 km.

    • Online discount when apply

Get an instant 10% discount when applying online for Takaful myClick Motor FlexiSaver.


    • Cover for Windscreens, Windows, and Sunroof

If you have been in an accident and your vehicle was damaged, this coverage will help with the cost of repair. This includes replacing any broken glass on a windshield as well as tinting film (if applicable). Your No Claim Discount won’t be affected by added benefits like these either!

    • Motor PA Plus

This benefit provides an additional cover for the driver and passengers (Person Covered) travelling in your vehicle against death or permanent disablement due to a road accident, as well as unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance with 50km breakdown tows. This is on top of our complimentary personal Pay As You Drive daily policy which ensures you’re never left stranded anywhere!

    • Key Replacement

With this valuable benefit, you can get up to 80% of your car key replacement costs reimbursed. This is a one-time reimbursement that lasts throughout the period of coverage.

Why buy Takaful Car Insurance?

    • Provide an unlimited number of towing service

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    • Free Personal Accident Covers

What are you waiting for? Get a free personal accident cover with just one click! Protect yourself against any damage or injuries caused by accidents today.

    • Install and Win!

Install Takaful Apps and stand a chance to win up to RM5,000 worth of Village Grocer vouchers! Terms and conditions apply.

Why should you buy Takaful car insurance through PolicyStreet?

    • Ease of use

We all know the pain of looking for car insurance. With our platform, you can compare different providers and save time like never before – it’s FREE! Get your quote in just minutes with no obligation to buy from one provider over another when they’re offering more competitive rates than what you’ve been getting so far.

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Takaful Car Insurance Claim Process

If you are involved in an accident, remember to stay calm and follow this quick guide to claim your Takaful car insurance

  • Call AACC 24 hours nationwide for assistance. Their Takaful Helpline number is 1-300221188 or 15500, towing services are also available on request
  • Inform Takaful as soon as possible
  • Report all accidents to police within 24-hours.
  • Submit All correspondence received from third parties to Takaful immediately as a result of the incident
  • You can remove your car to their Approved Panel Repairers for repairs or windscreen replacement
  • Fill up the relevant sections of your claim form
  • Do not admit liability and negotiate nor offer compensation to any third party
  • Do not repair your vehicle in a non-authorised panel workshop

Takaful Car Insurance Claim Documents Needed

Do prepare necessary documents stated below:

  • Fidelity Guarantee Takaful Claim Form
  • General Takaful Claim Form
  • Liability Takaful Claim Form
  • Motor Personal Accident (MPA) Claim Form
  • Personal Accident Takaful Claim Form
  • Travel Claim Form
  • Workmen’s Compensation Takaful Claim Form
  • Takaful Pelajar Sekolah Malaysia (TPSM) Claim Form
  • Claim Form for Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practice Liability Takaful Claim Form

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Takaful Car insurance FAQ

What is Takaful car insurance?

Takaful Malaysia is committed to helping people achieve their ambitions of a brighter future. Takaful offers the best financial protection available, with competitive rates and excellent customer service. They have established themselves as one that cares about your well-being by offering products tailored for you – no matter if it’s a family or general Takaful plan!

What is the difference between myClick Motor and myClick Motor FlexiSaver

myClick Motor FlexiSaver provides a unique daily cover – “Pay As You Drive”, whereby you will only be charged for the days driven. myClick Motor provides more add-ons benefits compared with myClick Motor FlexiSaver.

How do I choose the right Takaful car insurance plan for me?

Compare the benefits from both plans, and choose the most suitable plans for yourself. You can consult us and we will give you advice on how to choose the right plan for you!

What’s good about Takaful car insurance?

You can refer to the “Why Takaful Car insurance” section for more details!

How much do I need to pay for Takaful car insurance?

Consult us to receive the quotation!

How do I buy Takaful car insurance online?

You can buy Takaful Car insurance online through PolicyStreet! Follow these steps to buy it!

  1. Get Quotation
  2. Compare quotes and choose the best price
  3. Get covered
  4. Pay and get insured

Click here to get quotations!

What is the contact number of Takaful car insurance?

You can contact them through 1-300 88 252 385 or email at csu@takaful-malaysia.com.my/