Berjaya Sompo Motorcycle Insurance

With over 200 cities in 30 countries and regions around the world, Sompo Group is without question one of THE most expansive company when it comes to investing abroad. They offer services such as life insurance plans or motorcycle insurance for customers across Europe, North America, South America, Pacific Asia etc.


What type of coverage should I purchase for my motorcycle?

There are three types of motorcycle insurance, Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive motorcycle insurance. Do note that you should at least get Third Party insurance, so when an accident happens, it will provide coverage for third party loss.

How much should I pay to get motorcycle insurance?

Third Party Insurance is a great option for people who want to save money on their motorcycle insurance. Comprehensive coverage will cost more, but it offers plenty of benefits and peace-of-mind knowing that you’re fully protected in case anything happens along with other drivers or third parties where the accident takes place!

How do I choose the right Berjaya Sompo Insurance insurance plan for me?

Get a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into by comparing the benefits and prices of different plans. It’s important to know that they protect against financial loss or legal trouble. So consider asking the advisor for all this information before making any major decisions.

How do I get the best price when purchasing motorcycle insurance?

Be sure to compare rates and coverage before you buy motorcycle insurance. Some companies provide the same amount of protection but at higher prices than other insurance companies offer. Visit PolicyStreet to get the best price for your motorcycle insurance today!

Can I purchase add-ons?

The idea of adding protection for your bike is actually recommendable. Adds-on such as special perils protection is a good option when your motorcycle is destroyed due to natural disaster.

How can I contact Berjaya Sompo Insurance?

You can contact them through 1 800 889 933 (within Malaysia) or +603 2170 7300 (Overseas)

What should I consider when choosing an insurer?

When choosing an insurer, it is important to consider their policies and services. A company’s reputation can also be a determining factor in selecting them as your choice for coverage. You will need to consider their claiming speed too.

How does NCD work when renewing my motorcycle insurance?

By getting a non-claim discount, you can save up to 25% when renewing your motorcycle insurance. However this only works if no claims were made previously so make sure that is the case before buying!

How can I claim my motorcycle insurance with Berjaya Sompo Insurance?

Remember to prepare all relevant documents and follow the claiming procedure for your motorcycle insurance. A claiming guide will be given by Berjaya Sompo Insurance.

Did Berjaya Sompo Insurance provide roadside assistance?

Yes, you can call their 24-hours breakdown service hotline 1800 18 8033.

Should I choose to repair my motorcycle at a panel workshop or general workshop?

To ensure your safety, it is important that you have the right insurance coverage for any repairs needed on your motorcycle. Berjaya Sompo Insurance have their own panel workshop and it is recommended to service your motorcycle if you are covered by them.

Can I purchase multiple motorcycle insurance from different insurers?

You may. However, it is not recommended to do so because of the price difference and complicated claiming process.

Can I renew my motorcycle insurance online?

You can purchase or renew your motorcycle insurance online. There are various platforms available where you’ll be able to do so with ease and convenience!

How do I know which insurers provide the best offer?

With so many online platforms to choose from, it’s easy enough for you to search and find an instant quote that suits your needs.