UOB Fixed Deposit

About UOB

The United Overseas Bank Limited, often known as UOB and headquartered in Singapore with branches throughout most Southeast Asian countries. UOB provides commercial and corporate banking services, personal financial services, private banking and asset management services, and corporate finance, venture capital, investment, and Insurance services. There are 19 branches in Singapore and more than 500 offices in 19 countries.

What is a fixed deposit?

A fixed deposit (FD) is a great way to save money for a specific period. With high rates and complete safety from withdrawal, this investment type offers new investors great opportunities in return on their investments!

What should I know before applying for fixed deposits?

  • Interest rates

    You should know the interest rates upon maturity to ensure you gain a great amount of return. Interest rates differ from bank to bank and tenure to tenure.

  • Tenure

    Different banks offer different tenures, ranging from 1 month to a few years. Choose the one that suits your needs and financial goals.

  • Hidden fees

    It is crucial to identify all costs incurred to avoid spending more than expected.

  • Penalty

    You should be informed of the penalty amount to know what to expect if you need to withdraw the money before maturity.

  • Banks

    Being aware of the customer service and the reputation of the bank you are planning to apply your fixed deposit account is an important step! Do thorough research before deciding on a bank.

What are the types of fixed deposits offered by UOB?

UOB offers 1 type of fixed deposit, which is UOB Fixed Deposit.

Who can apply for UOB Fixed Deposit?

You are eligible to apply for UOB Fixed Deposit if you are:

  • A Malaysia or a foreigner with authorised identification
  • At least 18 years old

Why should I choose UOB Fixed Deposit?

Among other reasons, you should choose UOB Fixed Deposit because:

  • The interest rate on your fixed deposit is competitive, which means you can earn more money
  • Earn higher interest in a low-risk environment
  • Rest assured that your deposits are in safe hands with the PIDM. They will insure deposited amounts of up to RM250,000!

What are the documents required to apply for UOB Fixed Deposit?

The documents needed to apply for UOB Fixed Deposit are as follows:

  • A copy of your latest utility bill (telephone, water, or electricity bill that clearly states your name and home address)
  • Letter of Employment or Student Permit for foreigners who are working or studying in Malaysia

What is the tenure of UOB Fixed Deposit?

Up to 12 months tenure.

What is the minimum amount to deposit into UOB Fixed Deposit?

The minimum amount of deposit is RM500.

What are the fees for UOB Fixed Deposit?

  • Stamp duty


  • Loss of fixed deposit certificate service charge


What happens if I withdraw my money before maturity?

You can withdraw and stop investing at any time, but there may be a penalty fee, and your interest profits will go away too.

How do I contact UOB for further information about UOB Fixed Deposit?

For more information or assistance with UOB Fixed Deposit, please visit the UOB official site or the nearest UOB branches.

What are the common terms of fixed deposit?

  • “p.a.”

    It stands for per annum or each year.

  • “Interest rate”

    The amount of return earned by depositors.

  • “Tenure”

    The amount of time the money is locked in a fixed deposit account.

  • “Deposit”

    The amount of money locked in a fixed deposit account to earn interest.

  • “Penalty”

    The additional charge from the bank for withdrawals before maturity (or premature withdrawal).

  • “Maturity”

    The end of a set time when an investment becomes due, and the principal and interest are repaid.

  • “Premature withdrawal”

    The money withdrawal in a fixed deposit account before maturity.

  • “Partial withdrawal”

    The withdrawal of part of the amount in a fixed deposit account before maturity.