AXA Medical Insurance

AXA, also known as AXA Affin Insurance Malaysia, is a subsidiary company of AXA Group and works alongside AFFIN Bank Berhad. Considered one of the fastest-growing general insurance companies, AXA has won numerous awards throughout the years since they started operating. They boast more than 800 employees, dedicated to serving 1.8 million customers that are trusting them for their protection.

What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is a type of insurance that will help cover your medical bills (hospitalization, consultation, surgery, treatment, medical supplies, and medication).

What type of medical insurance plans are available in AXA?

These are types of AXA Medical Insurance plans:

  • AXA Medic Essential
  • AXA OneMedic Lite
  • AXA OneMedic Elite
  • AXA eMedic
  • SmartCare Optimum
  • SmartCare Optimum Plus

Why Buy AXA Medical Insurance?

    • Prioritize customers’ needs

AXA is dedicated to ensuring your every need is met by providing various plans that can be adjusted according to your needs and budget.

    • No medical checkup

AXA only believes in making sure the process of buying insurance is as easy as pie, so you do not need to have a medical checkup prior to purchasing.

    • No lifetime limit

If you choose AXA medical insurance, there will be no lifetime limit for you. What does this mean? It means that you will never have to worry whenever you make any claim!

    • Extensive age of renewal

To give you peace of mind about your life post-retirement, AXA allows renewal to be made up until the age of 100.

How to Buy AXA Medical Insurance?

You can buy AXA medical insurance through AXA official website OR making an appointment with their agents.

How to claim AXA medical insurance?

Generally, AXA medical insurance plans are on a cashless basis, but in certain circumstances (in the event of non-issuance of guarantee letter, outpatient treatment, non-hospitalization needed, or admission to non-panel/ overseas hospitals), it will be on a reimbursement basis.

Needing medical attention can be frightening, so AXA has made the claim process easy! Just stay calm and follow these steps:

  1. Cashless admission (scheduled)
    • Send an email to your TPA with your hospital admission form 1 day before admission
    • Request a guarantee letter from your TPA and bring it during admission
  2. Cashless admission (emergency)
    • Show your medical card (e-card/ physical)
    • Fill in your pre-authorization form
  3. Reimbursement
    • Go to AXA’s website and download the claim form
    • Submit the claim form along with the supporting documents to AXA or your agent within 30 days of your discharge

Please note that the decision of claim will be reverted to you within 7 working days and e-claim payment will be available after 7 working days of your claim approval date. Click here for more information.

What are the documents needed for AXA Medical Insurance Claim?

These are the documents needed for you to file your claim:

  • Claim form
  • Claim statement
  • Copy of medical report
  • Original bills and receipts
  • Copy of diagnostic report

Can I change my AXA medical insurance plan?

Yes, you can! Contact AXA or your agent to arrange this change.

What are the panel hospitals for AXA?

AXA boasts dozens of panel hospitals nationwide. Finding one near you will never be a problem! Visit here to choose one for you.

Does AXA pay my medical bills on a cashless or reimbursement basis?

Generally, AXA pays your medical bills on a cashless basis, but under certain circumstances (in the event of non-issuance of guarantee letter, outpatient treatment, non-hospitalization needed, or admission to non-panel/ overseas hospitals), it will be on a reimbursement basis.

How much do I have to pay for AXA medical insurance?

Depends on the plan chosen, you will need to pay for different premium. Consult AXA advisor for more details.

Can I pay for AXA medical insurance on an installment basis?

Yes, AXA medical insurance is on a monthly payment basis.

What are the modes of payment available for AXA medical insurance?

AXA accepts these modes of payment:

  • Credit card
  • JomPAY (eMedic/ eLife policyholders are excluded)
  • Online banking
  • Over-the-counter payment (Maybank/ BSN)
  • Auto debit
  • Branch office counter
  • Mail

Will my AXA medical insurance policy expire if I do not renew it on time?

Yes, your medical insurance policy will expire if you do not pay your premium on time.

How do I contact AXA?

You can call AXA at their 24/7 hospitalization hotline 1300-80-0020 / 03-7884 1818.