Kurnia Medical Insurance

Kurnia Insurance was founded in 1977 as Industrial & Commercial Insurance (M) Bhd. before changing its name in 1991 to Kurnia Insurance. Kurnia provides general insurance products such as property insurance, victim insurance, automobile insurance, medical insurance, accident insurance, and pet insurance.

What type of medical insurance plans are available in Kurnia?

These are types of Kurnia Medical Insurance plans:

  • MediGuard Supreme
  • MediGuard Premier
  • MediGuard Lady
  • MediGuard Family

Why Buy Kurnia Medical Insurance?

  • Hassle-free hospital admission
  • No more worrying about where to receive medical treatment when you have a Kurnia medical card, receive hassle-free and easy admission at any of the Kurnia panel hospitals.

  • Multiple customizable medical plans to suit your needs
  • Kurnia provides many medical plans that are suited and tailored to you and your family’s needs.

How to Buy Kurnia Medical Insurance?

You can buy Kurnia medical insurance through Kurnia official website OR making an appointment with their agents.

How to claim Kurnia medical insurance?

If you prefer to be admitted to a non-Kurnia Panel Hospital under the Reimbursement Claims Procedures, you must notify us in writing within 30 days of your admission. You will need to complete Claim Forms Documentation and it must be submitted within 30 days of discharge. The following must be included:

  • Other Documents Related to Claims
  • Physician’s Medical Report Completed
  • Claim Form Original Itemised Bills and Receipts

An offer letter and claims pay-out will be given for covered conditions. If considered required, a discharge voucher will be provided first on the amount payable without claims payment. Kurnia will only provide claims payment after receiving the signed discharge voucher.

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What are the documents needed for Kurnia Medical Insurance Claim?

  • Original Medical Report or Discharge Summary (to be completed and signed by Doctor/Physician/Specialist/Surgeon)
  • Original Completed Claim Form (to be completed and signed by Policyholder and claimant)
  • Original itemised breakdown medical bill/tax invoice
  • Original official receipt
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Copy of Referral Letter to the hospital (if any)
  • Police report (if Motor Vehicle Accident involved)
  • Driver’s Driving Licence (if Motor Vehicle Accident involved)
  • Copy of examination reports such as imaging and pathology reports (if any)

Can I change my Kurnia medical insurance plan?

Yes, you can! Contact Kurnia or your agent to arrange this change.

Does Kurnia pay my medical bills on a cashless or reimbursement basis?

Payment of claim will be made by cheque to the policyholder and the benefits will be paid in return only after hospitalisation is ceased except when hospitalisation exceeds 30 days, Kurnia will make periodic payments while hospitalisation continues with hospital bills receipt provided from the insured person.

How much do I have to pay for Kurnia medical insurance?

Depends on the plan chosen, you will need to pay for different premium. Consult Kurnia agents for more details.

Can I pay for Kurnia medical insurance on an instalment basis?

Kurnia provides 0% interest instalment basis payment for medical insurance.

What are the modes of payment available for Kurnia medical insurance?

Kurnia only accepts cash, credit, or debit cards for medical plan payments. Payment can be done at any Kurnia branch or via Contact Centre.

Will my Kurnia medical insurance policy expire if I do not renew it on time?

Your Kurnia medical insurance policy will expire, and the company shall strictly not be liable for any expenses that take place after the expiry date.

How do I contact Kurnia?

You can contact them through their webpage, email (customer@kurnia.com), or contact number 1800 88 3833.