Liberty Medical Insurance

Liberty Insurance is a name you can trust, with over 44 years of experience in offering comprehensive insurance solutions to Malaysia. Liberty Insurance prioritise customer satisfaction and is continuously striving to provide you the courage to face today’s issues while confidently chasing tomorrow. We aim to provide a convenient and hassle-free service that is easily available from where you are from, enabling you to go for the most suitable insurance solution for you, with 24 locations located countrywide, different distribution methods, and over 2000 agency workforce.

What is Medical Insurance?

Medical Insurance is a great way to help with any medical bills you may have. It can cover everything from hospitalization, consultation and surgery all the way down your treatment including medication if needed!

What type of medical insurance plans are available in Liberty Insurance?

These are types of Liberty Medical Insurance plans:

  • Liberty 100 Years Care
  • Medistar

Why Buy Liberty Medical Insurance?

  • Range of medical plans to choose from
  • Liberty Insurance offers a range of medical plans to choose from to suit every situation and need.

  • Affordable medical plans
  • You can achieve financial stability and complete peace of mind by investing as little as RM1.00 every day.

How to Buy Liberty Medical Insurance?

You can buy Liberty medical insurance through Liberty official website OR making an appointment with their agents.

How to claim Liberty medical insurance?

Follow the steps below:

  1. You must register your claim before at least 48 hours of planned admission. In case of emergency hospitalisation, please intimate us within 24 hours of admission.
  2. The policyholder must immediately notify his/her Liberty insurance agent in the event of the accident.
  3. Notify the Police immediately of injuries resulting from a Road Accident (for other loss circumstances, please contact Liberty Claims Personnel).
  4. Have all medical reports and hospital bills related to claims
  5. Secure all documents required and submit them to Liberty insurer
  6. Communicate with Claims personnel when called upon

If you need more details, click here.

What are the documents needed for Liberty Medical Insurance Claim?

  • Filled and signed Claim Form.
  • Photocopy of NRIC
  • Original Detailed Discharge Summary from hospital with Original consolidated hospital bill
  • Original payment receipt of the hospital bill with the receipt number
  • First Consultation letter and subsequent Prescriptions.
  • Copy of medical report and referral letter

Can I change my Liberty medical insurance plan?

Yes, you are allowed to do so by simply contacting Liberty or your agent to arrange this change.

What are the panel hospitals for Liberty?

Visit to find the nearest hospital to you.

Does Liberty pay my medical bills on a cashless or reimbursement basis?

All medical bills will be either paid on reimbursement or cashless basis to the policyholder at the panel hospital.

How much do I need to pay for the premium?

Depends on the plan chosen, you will need to pay for different premium. Consult Liberty agents for more information.

Can I pay for Liberty medical insurance on an instalment basis?

No, Liberty medical insurance must be paid annually.

What are the modes of payment available for Liberty medical insurance?

Liberty medical insurance can be either paid by cash, cheque, debit, or credit card.

Will my Liberty medical insurance policy expire if I do not renew it on time?

Yes, your Liberty medical insurance policy will expire if you do not renew on time and any medical expenses will not be paid after the expiration date.

How do I contact Liberty?

You can contact them through

  • Customer Service Hotline: 1 300 888 990 or 03 2619 9000
  • Email: customercare@
  • Visit them in either Liberty branch