Tune Protect Medical Insurance

Tune Protect believes that everyone deserves to be safeguarded. Since their establishment in 2011, they have been dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience by knowing their clients, who are progressively seeking ease and convenience in their healthcare insurance. Their simple and low-cost protection goods are all conveniently accessible via the convenience of digital platforms.

What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is a type of insurance that will help cover your medical bills (hospitalization, consultation, surgery, treatment, medical supplies, and medication).

What type of medical insurance plans are available in Tune?

These are types of Tune Medical Insurance plans:

    • PRO-Health Medical

Protect yourself with PRO-Health Medical, our low-cost health insurance plan that covers you from head to toe.

    • DENTAL Easy

With the partnership with Universal MediDent Sdn Bhd (UMDSB), Tune Protect’s managed care organization, their offer Malaysia’s first Premium Dental Health Insurance scheme.

How to Buy Tune Protect Medical Insurance?

You can buy Tune medical insurance through Tune official website OR making an appointment with their agents.

How do I claim Tune Protect medical insurance?

You have two options for submitting your claim:

  • Tune Protect website
  • Tune Protect app

Please keep in mind that the online claim only applies to products purchased online through tuneprotect.com.

Want to find out how to make your claim, click here.

What are the documents needed for Tune Medical Insurance Claim?

For medical expenses reimbursement, the documents needed are:

  • Copy of your NRIC
  • Copy of bank statement
  • Original medical Bills/Invoices
  • Original receipts issued by the clinic/hospital
  • Original medical report from the attending doctor

For emergency medical evacuation or repatriation caused by accident injury or death:

  • Original bill and receipts by ambulance operator/hospital
  • Original medical report from the treating doctor

Can I change my Tune Protect medical insurance plan?

You can only update or upgrade your plan after you apply for the first time or when you renew your plan. As a result, you are recommended to select the best plan for yourself before making a payment. Any changes or upgrades to plans will be subject to a new underwriting evaluation. For further information, do contact your Tune Protect agent.

What are the panel hospitals for Tune Protect?

Find the nearest panel hospital for Tune Protect here.

Does Tune Protect pay my medical bills on a cashless or reimbursement basis?

Generally, Tune Protect pays your medical bills on a cashless basis, but under certain circumstances (exclusions under policy terms, or admission to non-panel/ overseas hospitals), it will be on a reimbursement basis.

How much do I have to pay for Tune Protect medical insurance?

Depends on the plan chosen, you will need to pay for different premium. Consult Tune agents for more details.

Can I pay for Tune Protect medical insurance on an installment basis?

No, monthly payments are not yet available on the Tune Protect platform hence you would need to pay for the medical plan on an annual basis.

What are the modes of payment available for Tune Protect medical insurance?

You can pay for your premiums by using your debit card, credit card, or online banking.

Will my Tune Protect medical insurance policy expire if I do not renew it on time?

Yes, your Tune Protect medical insurance policy will expire if you do not renew on time and any medical expenses will not be paid after the expiration date.

How do I contact Tune Protect?

Should you have any inquiries, do contact them at 1800 88 5753, or send them an email at hello.my@tuneprotect.com.